Martin Berger

No Thanks was Given in Syria to the US on Thanksgiving Day


Just recently, American citizens have enjoyed Thanksgiving Day, which would traditionally mark the start of the holiday season in the United States that will continue to Christmas to end with the traditional New Year celebration. Originally, Thanksgiving was a way of expressing…

Bitcoin has Just Turned Ten


A decade ago, an individual previously unknown to the general public published his concept of a brand new electronic monetary system on the web. That individual identified himself as Satoshi Nakamoto – a man who would change ecommerce and the Internet forever. Essentially, he became the godfather of Bitcoin, and more than another…

NATO’s Military Buildup along Russia’s Borders is No Joke, or is It?


The massive military games code named Trident Juncture have just come to a close in Norway, marking a new milestone in the rapid military escalation between the West and Russia. A total of 29 NATO member states took part in these games, fielding some 65,000 men, 10,000 armored…

Who has the Capacity to Boss Trump Around


Throughout the year, Washington has been steadily expanding its sanctions regime against Iran, with the latest package coming into full force at the beginning of November. Although it does not aimed directly at the oil and gas industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there’s no doubt…

Washington’s New Strategy for Syria


At this point it’s hardly worth arguing that the Syrian conflict has entered endgame, as this fact seems pretty obvious at this point. Yet, even after exhausting all of its options the United States chose to double down on its Syrian intervention. This serves as a clear indication that…

Khashoggi Case Triggered Geopolitical Tectonic Shifts


The recent murder of the prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi that has become universally recognized across the world for the pieces he would pen for Washington Post has revealed a number of facts that remained unapparent for the Western public for a long while. As it’s…

Why Washington is Courting Hanoi in Vain


More than half a century ago, at the height of Vietnam war US intelligence agencies were demanded to put an end to the partisan movement supporting the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. This resulted in the so-called Phoenix Program being launched which, according…

Is there Any Sort of Peaceful Future for Afghanistan?


In early October, the world commemorated the 17th anniversary of American invasion of Afghanistan. As it’s been pointed out by the Hill,it’s been a tragic failure from the get-go, but for reasons few people understand. Those countries that sent their troops in the early 2000s to…

Washington is Determined to Bring Ankara to Heel


Over the last six decades, Turkey and the United States have grown into strategic partners and NATO allies. Both countries would faced similar challenges both during the days of the Cold War and after themHowever, in spite of the fact that Turkey and the United States remain a pivotal…

Does Russophobia Draw Us Closer to Our Doom?


In a number of articles penned by yours truly for New Eastern Outlook there was a handful of points related to a possible war between the US and Russia. However, as tensions between the two states continue flaring up due to the mindless anti-Russian stance of the Trump administration…

An Ever Increasing Number of Military Ships Arrives to the Eastern Mediterranean


The last couple weeks in the Eastern Mediterranean could remind a casual observer of some sort of a military parade, with members of the US-led coalition bringing an ever increasing number of military assets to the region. The number of warships flying various flags being…

Russia’s Emerging as the Ultimate Champion of the Middle East


After being absent as a geopolitical force to be reckoned with in the Middle East for almost two decades, Russia is now seeking ways to downscale Washington’s presence in the region by becoming a pillar of regional security. And it seems that this time around Moscow has every chance…

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