Martin Berger

Hollande’s Legionnaires – a Shameful Lot


It has recently been announced that the President of France Francois Hollande has awarded Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef with Legion d’Honneur, which has provoked a public outcry not in the French Republic alone, but far beyond its…

Why Negotiations on Syria are Being Repeatedly Stalled


The talks surrounding the Syrian reconciliation process that the United Nations and Arab League Envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has been desperately trying to start in Geneva, don’t seem to be gaining any momentum. Even despite…

How Much Money Will Erdogan Make from the EU Migration Crisis?


The migration crisis remains one of the most puzzling problems European politicians have faced so far. Despite a number of desperate steps taken by various EU structures…

The Dire Consequences of Western Media’s Target Confusion


The rapid course of events unfolding upon today’s international stage is being heavily covered by countless media sources, both mainstream and alternative. In an effort to attract the…

America’s Plan B: Supporting Terrorists Till the Bitter End


At the time when the international community is looking forward to the possibility of putting an end to the bloody conflict in Syria that has been drugged on for years, while putting their hopes in the agreement that was achieved by the US…

Kurdish Genocide in Turkey Must Be Stopped


While the Turkish army, following the orders of their commander in chief, carries on the armed aggression against Iraq and Syria, in Turkey itself authorities have launched an all-out offensive against the civil population of Kurdish regions…

Will Turkey Become a Failed State if Erdogan Refuses to Step Down?


The policies that have been pursued by Turkey’s president lately are turning even his former supporters into sworn enemies. He is particularly reviled in Europe today due to the encouragement of unprecedented levels of…

How Come Turkey Became an Evil State?


Today Turkey is playing a pivotal role in the escalation of violence in the Middle East along with a number of other regions, namely Europe. To understand the origins of this evil one has to take a closer look at the policies Ankara has been employing…

What Are the Possible Consequences of Turkey-Qatar Military Cooperation?


A short while ago Turkey and Qatar announced that they have an agreement in place to further deepen their military cooperation within the framework of the “struggle against common enemies“…

Britain’s War Crimes Will Not Go Unpunished


One could hardly find a person both within the UK or outside it that would look positively at the steps that have been taken by David Cameron and his government if, of course, we’re not talking about members of the Conservative Party and certain…

American Take on the Freedom of the Press


In the “free and democratic system” being pushed upon all other states in the world by the United States and its Western allies, journalists are increasingly unhappy about the repressions they’ve been facing over the last decade, along with…

Who is Really In Control of the United States?


In all 239 years of the US existence, it hasn’t been waging wars on other states for only 20 years. Sometimes it seems that the American government simply cannot contain the urge to go to war on some poor state. According to the Swedish…

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