Martin Berger

EURO 2016 – The Mirror of the Politicized World We Live In


There’s little doubt that hooligans do little to make a sport event any more interesting, in fact they shame all the fans of the national team they choose to fight for. It is sad to note that the start of the 2016 UEFA…

Is There a Way to Solve the Refugee Crisis?


As it has already been pointed out, while Europe has been engaged in private consultations behind closed doors with Turkey to limit the flow of illegal migrants to the EU along the so-called…

Will the US Get the Taste of its Own Medicine?


In recent decades Washington has made its domination over the rest of the world in all areas of life its prime objective, and that objective is being pursued whatever the cost even today. One of the first steps in this direction…

US-India: Are We Witnessing a Strengthening Alliance?


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that over the recent years, Washington has made the isolation of Russia and China its prime objective. To achieve this goal, the White House has developed a plan to prevent the strengthening…

US is Getting Torn Apart by Washington’s Policies


Today, if you take a look at the American media sources, you will immediately notice that the vast majority of articles are centered around two primary topics: constant, ruthless and often sponsored criticism of Russia and…

Crime Gangs in Europe are Profiting from the Migrant Crisis


Last year criminal groups earned up to 6 billion dollars on the trafficking of those poor souls referred to as migrants. This revelation was made last January by the direction…

Washington Must Stop Compromising the Very Concept of NGO


The unprecedented development of public diplomacy in international politics, the activities of civil institutions and the rapid expansion of NGOs in recent decades have been actively used…

Should African-Americans Be Thanking Obama?


There’s little doubt that once Barack Obama leaves his post he will leave a bitter sense of disappointment creeping over the members of the international community and common American citizens alike. And what could we have expected?..

Europe May Soon be Swept by a New Wave of Migrants


These days, as Europe is engaged in a behind the scenes fight with Turkey to put an end to the flow of migrants along the “Turkish route”, European officials prefer to keep silent about yet another impressive wave of migrants coming to…

The Amount of Influence CIA Can Exercise Over the EU is Bothersome


As decades go by we witness the change of leaders, governments, and alliances, but US policies remain the same. American leaders…

Obama’s ‘Killer’ Policies May Be Carried On by His Political Twin


Those American citizens that have put their trust in Barack Obama back when he was running for president must be infinitely disappointed while reading countless articles about Obama’s actual policies. These are not just failures, but…

Davutoglu vs. Erdogan: Who Has Lost?


The resignation of Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and his future successor to be announced at the upcoming congress of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) scheduled for May 22 has been actively discussed by international analysts recently…

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