Martin Berger

Is There an End to the Racial Tensions in the US?


Racial tensions have always been and remain one of the most pressing problems in the United States. Native tribes in America were the first victims of the widespread racism, though their place was soon taken by the black population…

Obama: The War God in Disguise?


The state controlled media sources in the US are desperately trying to present President Obama as a peacemaker that is “worthy of his Nobel Prize.” However, this “dignified symbol” in his actions doesn’t remind a hero of peace…

The Risky Business of Being a US Ally


It’s hardly a secret that the hardships of common people are getting worse by the year. Due to continuous attempts by Washington to redraw the map of the world, in many countries, American intelligence agencies have been particularly…

US Overseas Bases Have Come “Under Heavy Fire”


Recent scandals involving US military personnel have been widely covered by the international media. Instead of being the “bulwark of American democracy” and the “defenders of peace and security”…

The Illegal Arms Trade is Being Run by Washington and CIA


As it has been repeatedly noted by American analysts, US politicians and journalists are working hand in hand to conceal their crimes and “horrors” from their fellow citizens. Therefore it’s not an easy job to find any…

US Bases – the Dangerous Weapon of Western-style Democracy


As it has been noted by American analysts, war defines the United States. Even despite the fact that the United States has not officially declared war against any other state since 1942, and the fact that Barack Obama was…

Obama’s “New Beginning” was the Beginning of the End


It’s been seven years since Obama delivered his famous speech at Cairo University in June 2009, which at the time was quite ironically heralded as the “new beginning” since it was believed that it would open a new page in the US…

Where is the UK Heading Now Due to Cameron’s Policies?


It seems that third time’s the charm for the UK exiting the European Union. There’s little doubt that this event will be described in history books for a number of various reasons. The fact is that Brits are not just tired of…

The United Kingdom of Felony and Corruption


The fact that the United Kingdom is on par with the United States as one of the most corrupt countries in the world is hardly a secret, even though the governments of these two nations have been launched various public relations campaigns…

When Will Erdogan Step Down?


Just a short while ago the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan was bragging that he would step down if his connections with ISIS are to be proven. Since that moment on numerous media sources across the globe published an extensive…

The EU is Going Nowhere While There’s No Answer to the Migrant Crisis


The development of the migration crisis in Europe doesn’t remind in the very least the predictions that were made by the German Chancellor. Angela Merkel urged all the European countries…

Saudi Arabia is Knee-Deep in Yemeni Blood


The White House’s campaign to establish the unconditional control over both national and international media sources manifests itself in a number of various ways. Those sources do only publish those article that suit Washington’s…

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