Martin Berger

A New State-Destroying Epidemic is Sweeping the US

Today we're witnessing an unprecedented epidemic going rampant across the United States, and in spite of what Judge Robert Mueller…

Washington is in a Rush to Sell All of its Now Obsolete Weapons


“Attention! Urgent Sale of Obsolete Amercian Weapons!” – similar announcements may soon appear may on pretty much every front page of leading US arms manufacturers’ sites and the front pages of countless American media sites that used to praise the power of American weapons in…

Chinese Dragon is Getting its Foothold in the Middle East


In recent years, the Middle East has started playing an increasingly important role in Beijing’s foreign policy. For China this region is not just a new market to conquer, it’s both a potential source or barrier that can prevent all sorts of terrorists and separatists from infiltrating…

How Come Thousands of ISIS Militants Have Suddenly Gone Missing?


In recent months, American politicians would present us with a constant barrage of statements about various ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria falling in their hands one after another. One can recall

Who is Keeping the EU Hostage?


Speaking at the security conference in Munich, Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster announced that “we will not allow Russia to hold the nations of Europe hostage.” Apparently, local media sources couldn’t come up with anything more fresh that parroting him, unleashing…

Yuan-priced Futures Can Be the End of the Petrodollar Age


The diminished reliance on the US dollars is one of the major trends of international geopolitics. A lot of media attention has been paid to steps taken by the BRICS states, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to decrease their dependence on American currency. Both…

Are America’s Hawks Any Good Against China’s Dragons?


The recent publication of the notorious “Kremlin list” that is to become the basis of yet another round of anti-Russian punitive measures planned by the White House, was empowered by the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. This law proclaims Russia to be…

Trump’s Nuclear Buffoonery Stopped Inches Away from Strangelove’s Joyful Insanity


America’s latest Nuclear Posture Review became the subject of heated debate at the Pentagon during the traditional roll-out before being released to the public less than a week ago. It’s a rule…

Are You Surprised to Hear that Washington is No Stranger to Election Rigging?


It seems that the US can be considered the only state that has been redrawing the map of the world for it to better suit the interests of its political, financial, military cycles. In fact one can’t help but to be amazed by the maniacal zeal with which…

With Pakistan Ending Up on the List of US Enemies, One Can’t Help but Wonder Who’s Next?


The state of bilateral relations between the US and Pakistan which used to be one of the most faithful allies of Washington, remains in a rather sorry state after US President Donald Trump’s insulting New Year’s tweet which left Islamabad thoroughly…

Syria’s Kurds are Now Sharing the Sorry Fate of Most Washington’s Allies


One would be mistaken to believe the recent aggravation of the Syrian crisis triggered by the launch of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch along Syria’s northern border, which has already resulted in military casualties suffered by both the Turkish and Kurdish sides…

No Taxpayers’ Nickel is Spared in Washington’s Military Adventures Worldwide


At the beginning of 2017, the chief of US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) General Raymond Thomas while speaking in front of one of the Senate committees announced that…

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