Konrad Stachnio

New Technologies for Those Who Live to See Them


In one interview with Sergei Glaziev, President Putin’s advisor, said that we are now dealing with the transition from one economic system to another. The new system is humanitarian in nature and thus could avoid a war because the main carriers of growth on…

Latvia – Another Proxy War Coming?


Latvia has confirmed more than 120 armored units, including tanks, to have been delivered by the US. There are currently more than 150 American troops there. Apart from the US troops and soldiers aiming to Latvia, we also have to deal with the same colleagues of Adolf Hitler as…

EU is Not a Place for Newcomers


Some time ago a friend of mine who is a Russian journalist, asked me if I could give his news agency an interview about the presidential elections in Poland. I refused saying not my circus, not my monkeys. In my view, it does not really matter who governs in Poland…

Evacuation Plans of the Polish Government: What For?


For some unspecified reason, the Polish government recently performs many movements which suggest that it is preparing for something bigger. Of course, the media continue calming the whole society because as we know Poland is still…

Neo-Nazi Kamikaze Trained by NATO in Ukraine

Some time ago I wrote that since the Comrades from volunteer battalions in Ukraine suffered from a shortage of weapons,…

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski: Poland Must arm and Rely Only on Itself

Recently, Polish government, in just six weeks, introduced very important provisions regarding the Polish army,mobilization to military exercises for all…

Great War is Coming in Ukraine?

Stage scenery for the great war is set up in Ukraine right now. You need only signal from the director…

Poland: NATO’s Logistics Base

Foreign colleagues journalists often ask me why Poland and the Poles are so stupid and help sinking Ukraine with being…

Change – new political move towards Russia and China

Leaving NATO, placing State over international capital, cooperation with the Eurasian Union. These are the slogans that in times of…

Ukraine: Nazi Battalions Become Aryan Guerrillas

We must have class co-operation and eliminate the mercantile (crony capitalist) totally imaginary 'middle class'. A cancer which has been…

Ukraine: Do really believe that ISIS was cruel? Please stop joking

The most famous method was the so-called gloves, that is, cutting right before elbows and pull the skin down to…

War in Ukraine: Propaganda Lies and Casualties

While cleaning the ruins of the Donetsk Airport, New Russia military forces discovered in the rubble 16 Ukrainian soldiers. Initially,…

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