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Konrad Stachnio

Will Ukraine Take Donbass by the Force of Arms?


Regarding the situation in Ukraine and Donbas, I talked to a war correspondent now residing in Donbas that prefred to remain anonimous.  Is Kiev currently preparing an offensive on Donbas? Reports stating that it has to be a Ukrainian…

Is the Transformation of Europe Going According to the Script?


Some German Internet users noted in their comments that even a first year student should have enough common sense and knowledge of the world to see the threat coming with the wave of migrants flooding Europe and posing the risk of…

The Resurgence of neo-Nazism Comes From Ukraine to Europe


Ukrainian ‘patriots’ encouraged by Polish support in the form of body armor, boots and other valuables sent to their comrades fighting against the ‘Russian aggression’ finally decided to visit the country of its strategic partner. The tour…

Poland: A New Route for ISIS Weapons Smuggling Operations?


After bringing Ukraine to the stage of complete disintegration, the country has fallen into mired corruption, ruled by oligarchs and extremist groups. This all brings Ukraine towards the final steps of ‘democracy’

ISIS Takes Over Drug Trafficking in Europe


ISIS in Europe, the future of Ukraine and the migrant crisis in the interview with Mateusz Piskorski, PhD in political science and a co-founder of the European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis. How would you assess the current situation in Ukraine considering what Yulia Tymoshenko…

Is Soft Minded and Feminized Europe No Longer Able to Fight Back?


What is happening in Europe nowadays has all the signs of overthrowing the State. In fact, it is almost a textbook example. First, we have destabilization, then crisis and so called normalization. In my opinion, at this point we are still at…

Are We Waiting For a Civil War in Europe?


In an online manual ISIS suggests that IS militants living in the West should blend into the crowd. Among other things, they are to shave their beards and act like Christians. They also suggest that their supporters carry out bombings in…

The Zika and HINI – Nothing Controversial Here, Move On


In my article published in July last year entitled ‘Why Does Pentagon Need Laboratories in Ukraine? I wrote: ‘The next stage of development of Ukrainian democracy might be an accidental outbreak of a virus’. And here we go: ‘More than 20 Ukrainian…

Officials: Europe is Not a Raped Woman, ‘She Deserved It’.


It seems to me that we are beginning to live in a world in which reality is overtaking fiction. Who could have imagined a year ago that in the streets of European cities such as Cologne helpless, European women will be violated in…

Installing Maidan in Warsaw?


Anyone observing current events taking place in Poland could have the impression that we are dealing with an almost unprecedented violation of human rights and the introduction of a totalitarian regime by the newly chosen government, led by the Law and…

Beginning the Formatting of Europe


In conclusion to one of my recent articles, I wrote: “However, the question remains – what happens to European States which prove resistant to the ‘democratic process’ presented to them in the form of refugee intake quotas? In my opinion, these…

Is This the End of Europe as We Know It?


In conversation with Dr. Lucyna Kulińska about the refugee crisis and threats posed by ISIS in Europe, along with issues of terrorism, the future of the globalized world and the Polish-Ukrainian relations. We are receiving a lot of signals suggesting…

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