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Cambodia Demolishes US-built Naval Facility


For the second time, Cambodia has demolished a US-constructed naval facility at Ream Naval Base, operated by the Royal Cambodian Navy. The facility, built in 2017, was a relatively small boat maintenance building. US State Department-funded media outlet Voice of America in an article titled, “Cambodia Demolishes Second US-Built Facility…

New Zealand’s New Foreign Minister Refuses to Join West’s China-Bashing


New Zealand, despite being among the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance alongside the US, Canada, the UK and Australia has resisted attempts by the Eyes’ larger members to join the ongoing and ever-expanding propaganda campaign being waged against China. There are several reasons for this, but the fact that China is New Zealand…

China Uproots Hong Kong’s US-Backed Opposition


China finalised its campaign against protests in its Hong Kong territory when it expelled opposition politicians from Hong Kong’s government for endangering national security. Following this move, opposition politicians still in office resigned in protest, leaving the territory’s government firmly pro-Beijing. This came after a sweeping security law was passed…

China’s Growing Ties with Laos


The landlocked Southeast Asian nation of Laos, officially the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and home to a little over 7 million people, has over the past decade built important ties with neighbouring China particularly in the fields of tourism, trade, investment and infrastructure. For a nation that has suffered tremendously amid and in the aftermath of the US war on Vietnam…

America’s “Quad Alliance” is a Dead End


The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or “Quad” as it’s been referred to is a US-led bloc created in 2007 consisting of the US itself, Australia and supposedly Japan and India. The bloc, whatever its stated purpose is for being, is clearly an anti-Chinese project created by and for the US and at the absolute expense of the other 3 members. The fact that it has been “revived…

West’s Anti-Chinese Campaign Failing Spectacularly


Even as AFP tried to depict a recent United Nations human rights meeting as a landmark stand against what it claims are human rights abuses by China in its Xinjiang region, its own article points out just how big a failure it really was and how badly Western influence has waned in general. The AFP’s headline read, “Nearly 40 nations demand China respect…

New US Ambassador Seeks to Drag Thailand into US-China Conflict


The English-language Bangkok Post helped reveal Washington’s growing obsession with Beijing and its attempts to drag Thailand into the middle of its conflict during an interview with the newly appointed US ambassador to Thailand, Michael DeSombre. In an article titled, “US turns focus to South China Sea,” the Bangkok Post claims…

EU Cries “Human Rights” as Cambodia Turns to China


What should the world make of the West’s attempts to pressure the Southeast Asian nation of Cambodia on humanitarian grounds when the West is guilty of the worst (and still ongoingDahJTkfw abuses of the 21st century? Wikipedia provides a quick and simple definition of the psychological concept of projection, stating: a defense mechanism in which the human…

US Meddling in Thai Politics Continues


Democracy by definition is a process of self-determination. For Thailand, democracy means the process of the Thai people determining the nation’s path into the future. Nothing could have less to do with the Thai people and this process of democratic self-determination than a capital and its interests located on the other side of the planet. Yet that hasn’t stopped the United States from insisting…

UK’s Stunning Hypocrisy over Hong Kong


Further evidence the UK hides behind “human rights” rather than stands for them was demonstrated when London laced sanctions on Hong Kong after the passing of a security law aimed at combating overt foreign interference in special administrative region of China. British state media in an article titled, “UK suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong,” would…

PETA-UK Scam a Warning to Trading With West


Animal rights front PETA and British retailers and media have teamed up to deliver a collective and politically-motivated blow to Thailand’s agricultural exports and in particular its large coconut industry (second largest coconut exporter in the worldDahJTkfw. PETA makes the absurd claim that Thailand’s immense coconut industry depends on “monkey labour…

US Loses Myanmar to China


For the Southeast Asian state of Myanmar, the decision to expand ties with China despite Western pressure was a no-brainer. Significant economic ties have been expanded and the prospect for several large-scale infrastructure projects have been firmed up. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Myanmar could be considered a victory lap of sorts; the cementing of long-standing…

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