Joseph Thomas

New Zealand Refuses to Accuse China of “Genocide”


New Zealand increasingly finds itself straddling East and West, balancing between participation in the rise of Asia and a strong economic partnership with China and pressure placed on it by the West, the United States and United Kingdom in particular, and their common goal of encircling and containing China. This balancing act was highlighted again recently when…

US Maritime Bullying Targets “Ally” India


Tensions temporarily spiked between Washington and New Delhi when US warships conducted a “freedom of navigation operation” (FONOP) inside India’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in early April. The US’ own 7th Fleet website in an announcement would claim: On April 7, 2021 (local time) USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) asserted navigational rights…

Australia’s Self-Inflicted Economic Woes Continue


Australia had until recently been enjoying economic growth alongside the rise of China. This all changed when Canberra began following Washington’s lead, antagonising China, and in what would snowball into a costly, self-inflicted economic crisis. Today, Australia not only faces mounting barriers to trade erected by China in response to Australia’s systematic antagonism…

France Joins America’s South China Sea Adventurism


France has recently sent one of its nuclear attack submarines over 10,000 kilometers to the South China Sea for a “patrol.” It is the latest indicator of how strained the underlying credibility is of US foreign policy regarding the South China Sea and its growing conflict with Beijing. While Washington frames its involvement in the region as “championing” for claimants…

Myanmar’s Military Takes Over


Headlines are abuzz with the military in Myanmar announcing that it would be taking power for a year, citing electoral irregularities that saw a landslide victory for the nation’s defacto leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy political party. Western analysts have wavered between accusing the US and China of being behind the coup. Of course there is  another possibility, that neither…

Is the US Isolating China? Or Itself?


Washington’s predictable answer to Beijing’s ongoing efforts to uproot US-funded unrest in its Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been more sanctions. The New York Times in its article, “US Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Crackdown,” would report: The United States imposed travel bans and other sanctions on…

Cambodia Demolishes US-built Naval Facility


For the second time, Cambodia has demolished a US-constructed naval facility at Ream Naval Base, operated by the Royal Cambodian Navy. The facility, built in 2017, was a relatively small boat maintenance building. US State Department-funded media outlet Voice of America in an article titled, “Cambodia Demolishes Second US-Built Facility…

New Zealand’s New Foreign Minister Refuses to Join West’s China-Bashing


New Zealand, despite being among the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance alongside the US, Canada, the UK and Australia has resisted attempts by the Eyes’ larger members to join the ongoing and ever-expanding propaganda campaign being waged against China. There are several reasons for this, but the fact that China is New Zealand…

China Uproots Hong Kong’s US-Backed Opposition


China finalised its campaign against protests in its Hong Kong territory when it expelled opposition politicians from Hong Kong’s government for endangering national security. Following this move, opposition politicians still in office resigned in protest, leaving the territory’s government firmly pro-Beijing. This came after a sweeping security law was passed…

China’s Growing Ties with Laos


The landlocked Southeast Asian nation of Laos, officially the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and home to a little over 7 million people, has over the past decade built important ties with neighbouring China particularly in the fields of tourism, trade, investment and infrastructure. For a nation that has suffered tremendously amid and in the aftermath of the US war on Vietnam…

America’s “Quad Alliance” is a Dead End


The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or “Quad” as it’s been referred to is a US-led bloc created in 2007 consisting of the US itself, Australia and supposedly Japan and India. The bloc, whatever its stated purpose is for being, is clearly an anti-Chinese project created by and for the US and at the absolute expense of the other 3 members. The fact that it has been “revived…

West’s Anti-Chinese Campaign Failing Spectacularly


Even as AFP tried to depict a recent United Nations human rights meeting as a landmark stand against what it claims are human rights abuses by China in its Xinjiang region, its own article points out just how big a failure it really was and how badly Western influence has waned in general. The AFP’s headline read, “Nearly 40 nations demand China respect…

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