Jean Perier

US Struggles to Put an End to the Deadly Drug Abuse Epidemic


The fact that the United States is losing its desperate battle against such deadly drugs as heroin and fentanyl has already been reported…

Donald Trump – a Bellicose President Going Berserk?


Donald Trump is a kind of a real estate king that has recently manifested his special devotion for the army, militarism, and all things army-related that he had previously been hiding. Thus, the nature of his political ambitions…

Trump’s Global Sheriff Ambitions are Leading him Nowhere


The other day, US President Donald Trump’s administration appeared to suffer from immense envy of its predecessors who previously unleashed wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…

Who has Committed the Recent Gas Attack in Syria?


Just a couple of days ago the better part of the Western media found themselves actively engaged in yet another propaganda campaign, provoked by allegations of “yet another” gas attack allegedly committed in the Syrian city of…

Does Springtime Makes Certain Politicians Even More Mental?


It is believed that springtime is a season of lovers and mental cases. It is in the spring that the symptoms of allergies and certain mental illnesses are generally exacerbated, and those physiologically unstable often suffer…

Where Salman’s ‘Pivot East’ Will Take Saudi Arabia?


Last year could hardly be described as the best period in bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States, since the interests of these two nations have shifted dramatically over the years. Today, Washington and Riyadh…

Radical Terrorism is Spreading Like a Plague to Different Regions of the Wold


It’s been noted time and time again that extremist terrorist groups are shifting their main targets from the Middle East – where they have suffered heavy losses – to other parts of the world. According to the Cheng Guoping…

Who Will Get an Upper Hand in the Bitter Race for the Elysée Palace


The last two years have left a deep mark in the minds of the French population, that were forced to face both political, social, economic and spiritual crisis. It can be concluded that never before in the French history…

How Come the CIA is World’s Hackfest Central Now


Once Wikileaks released thousands of documents uncovering the extensive scope of the US CIA’s hacking, including a wide range of programs and backdoors that allow the wiretapping of smartphones, personal computers and even smart…

CIA’s Climate Change Studies Can Lead to No Good


At the end of 2015, Britain’s Prince Charles made a sensational statement that might sound delusional at first. He stated that climate change is one of the main causes of the war in Syria, terrorism and the mass exodus of refugees…

If not Kremlin, Then Who Brought Trump to Power?


For months we’ve been seeing titles like “the Kremlin brought Trump to power” and “Moscow interferes in the internal affairs of other states”, and it seems that the Western media has a never-ending supply of such sensationalism…

Would France’s Pesidential Election Allow It to Rediscover the Forgotten Sense of National Pride


Ever since the sitting French President François Hollande announced he had no intention of running for office ever again due to the failed policies…

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