Jean Perier

Britain and Jihadism: What does the Third Terrorist Attack in less than Three Months Tell Us?


The third terrorist attack in a row hitting Britain in less than three month resulted in the deaths of seven people, leaving some 48 more injured. This time…

Europe of “Two Speeds” Implies there’s Inferior Members within the Union


Recently, Der Spiegel released an eight page report drafted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy which explained…

Who Controls the Information Space and Why


Recently behind-the-scenes rules and restrictions being used by Facebook have fallen into the hands of Guardian reporters. According to their report, moderators employed by the tech giant…

Manchester Arena Attack: Is it About the Time We Wise Up?


Yet another terrorist attack in Europe has unfolded, this time in Manchester. The mayhem unleashed by a single suicide bomber in the Manchester Arena on Monday night claimed the lives of 22 people, and left more than 50 injured. The frightened British…

The Internet – ISIS’s Greatest Weapon


Ongoing investigations of ISIS activities in Europe carried on by a number of law enforcement agencies shows that terrorist are placing increasing emphasis on the use of the Internet and social networks. Over the years we’ve…

What Concerns are Governing Trump’s First Overseas Tour?


It‘s hardly a surprise that the upcoming Trump’s first overseas tour, that is scheduled on May 19, has attracted a lot of attention from all sorts of analysts. It should be noted that on the first day of the tour, the 45th US…

Afghanistan – Washington’s Drug Heaven?


Ever since 2001, when Washington decided to invade Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks, the US has been conducting military operations in the territory of this country. This war has already become the longest American…

Has Trump Decided to Cut Costs in the Post-Soviet Space?


As the Russophobic propaganda campaign in the United States intensifies, a number of observers in the United States have recently been wondering why US President Donald Trump would decide to substantially reduce the funding…

Trump’s First 100 Days in Office: Is This the Beginning of the End?


Today, on April 29, one may celebrate Trump’s hundred days in office, if somebody is still in the mood for celebration after what we’ve seen so far. It’s true that the hundred-day marker is never an absolutely reliable indicator…

How Come Central Asian States have Become a Breading Ground for Terrorism


Even before the recent terrorist attack in Stockholm, during which a Central Asian native drove a truck in a crowd of pedestrians at high speed, other immigrants from the region…

Will the French Election Rollercoaster Produce Any Unexpected Results?


Today Europe is trying to navigate its stormy elections year with a first round of the French presidential contest starting Sunday. The Wall Street Journal is wondering if the center can hold or a blood-and-soil nationalist…

There’s an Urgent Need to Put an End to the Ongoing Yemeni Catastrophe


Two years ago, a coalition of ten Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia launched military aggression against the state of Yemen, while enjoying the active military and political support of…

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