Jean Perier

Washington’s Truth-Lovers are Out of the Closet in Time for the Election Race


It’s hardly a secret that Americans will soon head to the polls to render their verdict on the Donald Trump presidency. So, who’s going to be trying to hijack the election process in the US this time around? The big question is can Trump still win re-election, after going through hell and high water during his first term. Last time, the Trump team…

How Come Africa is Going to Get as “Democratic” as it Could Possibly Be


At the present juncture, basically nobody would be surprised to hear that military conflicts and political crises revolve around strategic resources and transport corridors. Washington doesn’t make a big secret out of the fact that its foreign policy is driven by its craving for hydrocarbons together with a number of other…

Can We just Write ISIS Off?


Back when ISIS was in control of vast expanses of land in Iraq and Syria, there was no shortage of smaller militant groups willing to pledge allegiance to this terrorist quasi-state. In fact, the power of ISIS propaganda was so compelling that tens of thousands of people from across 80 nations around the world would travel to the Middle East to join this…

What is Washington Up to in Africa?


Africa remains the fastest growing continent on the planet, with its high birth rates, booming economies and an abundance of natural resources. With some 1.2 billion living all across Africa it’s predicted that this number will double in just two decades. Moreover, with a number of other regions of the world depleting their natural resources, Africa will become…

The US Keeps “Promoting Peace and Stability” with its Record Weapons Sales


Among those major geopolitical challenges the world faces these days, the so-called arc of instability that stretches from North Africa to Pakistan is by far the most pressing one. The volatile situation in the Middle East has turned those states that used to enjoy relative stability into potential war zones…

Nixon’s Nightmares Coming True as Russia and China Seek Further Rapprochement


Over the past few years, the United States has been going beyond itself in a bid to somehow demonstrate its military prowess to the rest of the world, thus forcing a number of international players into surrendering their national interests and submitting to the American will…

Washington’s Major Push for Xinjiang


With the war of words and sanctions heating up between the US and China, Washington is getting increasingly determined to stir separatist sentiments in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the PRC. The ability to inflict real damage on its primary geopolitical competitor by turning Xinjiang into a break-away region or…

West’s Relations with the White Helmets have gone Stale


At long last, Western sponsors of the so-called “humanitarian group” White Helmets have woken up to the fact that their love affair with these pseudo-humanitarians is more damaging than beneficial, which in turn has invoked a number of problems. The White Helmets which have been exposed as a propaganda operation…

S-400 Undermines the Global Military Cabal


A great number of analysts these days would draw attention to the decision that both India and Turkey took to proceed with the purchase of Russia’s state of the art S-400 anti-air systems in spite of unparalleled political pressure Washington applied on both Ankara and New Delhi. Essentially, this decision represents a turning…

Cooperation with Africa: You Can have None, as the West Got it All


Last December, US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton unveiled Washington’s new strategy for Africa. According to this paper, America’s primary goal for the continent lies in undermining China’s and Russia’s growing economic influence there. It’s clear…

Ongoing Crackdown on Algerian Elites doesn’t Make Things Easier for Anyone


Right after the start of the protest movement in Algeria last February, a number of high-profile representatives of the now deposed Bouteflika government faced corruption charges. Some of the cases involving power abuse and government funds theft are still being heard…

Trump has But One Opportunity to Blow his Second Term


It has recently been reported that Donald Trump kick-started his 2020 campaign with a rally at Amway Center in Orlando in mid-June. Over the course of his speech, the sitting US president would preach against the “unholy alliance” of lobbyists and special interests and warned that…

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