Janet Phelan

The Dance of Deception: The US Holocaust Museum Сaught Сovering Up Genocide

Question: What do Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel, neo-con darling and former Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff…

US Biodefense: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

In The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The  Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, author Graeme MacQueen ties together a considerable breadth of evidence…

The United States and Israel: A Dance of Deception. Part 1

Recently published reports of the failure of Israel’s much touted Iron Dome missile defense system highlight the peculiarly self-destructive relationship…

US Throws up Roadblocks for Those Wishing to Leave

The word is out. People are leaving the US in droves. The latest FBI NICS list of American citizens who…

NSA: There’s a Spy in my Soup!

Okay, we now know that our phone calls are being monitored. Snowden has made it clear that none of our…

Is an Airborne Biological Weapons Release Imminent?

A surprise drill in New York City has the authorities scrambling to address an anthrax attack. MERS is reported to have…

South Africa’s “Dr. Death” Again Evades Sentencing

Dr. Wouter Basson, whose work as head of the South African apartheid government's biological and chemical warfare unit earned him…

Smallpox: A Deadly Shell Game

The recent announcement by the WHO that it was postponing a decisión on destroying the remaining smallpox depositories—one allegedly in…

Memo Justifying al Awlaki Assassination Does End-Run Around the US Constitution

In response to a Freedom of Information Request filed by the ACLU, the Department of Justice this week released the…

Doctor Who Ran Biowarfare Unit Faces Sentencing

Dr. Wouter Basson, who headed up Project Coast, the biological and chemical warfare unit under South Africa's apartheid government in…

Syria: Another Crusade

It is said that every act of magnitude taking place in a political realm is generally overdetermined. That would include…

Pandemic Drugs Found to be Almost Useless

The joint announcement by the British Medical Journal and the Cochrane Foundation that the two influenza drugs being stockpiled in…

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