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Janet Phelan

US: Torture Without Borders


An attorney with the State of California reports being gassed inside her home and taken to a hospital Emergency Room, following repeated incidents of electromagnetic attacks. The attacks take place during an extended court battle over…

Bioweapons: At the Breaking Point of What We Call History


This November, a meeting will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, in a large hall filled with delegates from around the world. This meeting, which has the potential of affecting every single living person on the planet, will get…

New Mexico: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of….Death


Bucking what is now a growing trend in the West for parliaments and legislatures to debate–and sometimes approve–assisted suicide laws, a court in New Mexico has issued a ruling that there is no constitutional right to aid in…

Gene Editing: The Dual-use Conundrum


Dual-use may be best understood by considering the functions of a knife. Used against an enemy, a knife can be deadly. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, a knife may be life-saving, removing a gangrenous appendage or excising…

US Political Prisoner Update


In a recent US government human rights report, the US voiced sharp criticism of China’s treatment of human rights lawyers and dissidents. “The crackdown on the legal community was particularly severe, as individual lawyers and law firms…

Is the US a Carefully Constructed “Mock-Up?”


Those familiar with settings for Hollywood movies will recognize that there is a difference between façade and structure. In the case of celluloid, a “mock-up” may be used to simulate a structure, without, however its three-dimensional and…

The Management of Dissent: How to Destroy an Activist


While the West, and the United States in particular, has repeatedly voiced criticism over human rights abuses in other countries, the US’s own record in terms of detaining and incarcerating dissidents is now becoming conspicuous. In presenting…

Human Experimentation Rampant in the United States


In an article in the New Republic in December, 1998, former UNSCOM leader Scott Ritter decried Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons experiments on human subjects. Wrote Ritter, “We had received credible intelligence that 95 political prisoners…

Going Beyond the Obvious Horror: The Lessons of Flint


If you wonder how the US could be supporting Turkey that is waging a veritable war on its civil Kurdish population, maybe you should take a look at the way people are being treated in America first. Back in the mid-twentieth century…

The 2016 US Presidential Election: Produced for Your Viewing Satisfaction


Every four years, in an established display of political engagement, Americans line up on the right or the left and the game begins. Feelings that lay…

The End-State of Western Capitalism—People as Cash Cows


America is proud of capitalism. Proud of the competition which has produced a dazzling array of inventions and consumer products. Any incursion resulting in government control of the “free market” is…

Falling from High Places


What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere…

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