James ONeill

Faith in a Biden Presidency Likely to be Misplaced


The United States presents an unedifying sight at the moment as gleeful Democrats celebrate the second condemnation of Donald Trump, and the latter’s apparent concession of the United States’ presidential race to Joe Biden. It is difficult for the external observer to see what they have to be glad about. Certainly, the presidency of Donald Trump has not…

A Mistake to Expect Real Change From the Incoming Biden Administration


One of the great illusions being fostered by the victorious Democratic Party in the United States is that with the removal from office of Donald Trump things will return to normal. This is an illusion fostered by the incoming President Joe Biden. It is an illusion for a number of reasons. The first illusion was that the United…

Australia-China Relations Set for a Long Period in the Wilderness


China is, and has been for many years, Australia’s most important trading partner. Up to the end of 2019, China took nearly 40% of all of Australia’s exports. It is not a trading relationship that any sane country would really jeopardise. Yet that is precisely what the Australian government has been doing, and under the present political…

The World has Changed, but Do Not Expect the Incoming Biden Administration to Change Also


One of the great pretences currently being played out to a gullible public is that it actually matters which of Biden or Trump actually won the recent United States presidential election. There is certainly a body of evidence that suggests that the election was less than squeaky clean, but has that been the case since at least when Bush…

Biden Will Find The World Has Changed Since He Last Held Power


The incoming administration of United States president elect Joe Biden sends a clear signal to the world. Notwithstanding his rhetoric his list of appointments to key positions has a strongly 2008-2016 administration feel to it. The first lesson to be drawn from the Biden administration therefore is that one would be very unwise…

The New Biden Administration Remains an Enigma in Important Respects


There is currently much speculation about whether or not the new Biden administration, confirmed by the Supreme Court’s rejection of the Texas move to challenge the result of the recent presidential election, will result in an improvement in relations with both Russia and China by the United States. In my view such speculation is misplaced…

Iran Rejects Continuous Provocations and Continues Along a New Path


When one looks at a map of the Middle East, one of the features that immediately springs into view is that it shows Iran as the largest country in the region. Not only the physically largest, but also a country with the largest population. Looking at that map it is easy to imagine why Iran has been a dominant player in the world, and that part of the world…

Australia Faces New Challenges in its Relationship With China


The relationship between Australia and China has deteriorated markedly over recent months. Each side is blaming the other for the deterioration, and amid the flurry of frankly anti-China propaganda emerging from most of the major Australian news outlets it is difficult to establish what went wrong and who precisely is to blame. It is possible however…

The World’s Centre is Reverting to Asia


The Asian Times writer Pepe Escobar is one of the most widely read and respected commentators in the English language, although he himself is a Brazilian and therefore always writing in a foreign language. In part because of the location of his major media outlet, Singapore, and in part because Asia is clearly where Escobar sees the future of the world, he has…

The Exposure of Australian War Crimes in Afghanistan Raises Questions the Politicians are Still Reluctant to Face


A report issued this week after a four-year investigation into alleged war crimes by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan has promoted a degree of outrage previously unknown with regard to the alleged conduct of Australian army personnel. While the public outrage is welcomed, it has completely avoided more…

The RCEP Deal Signed on Sunday Represents a New Era In World Trade Relations


A major treaty was signed on 16 November 2020 and it has been barely noticed by the western media. The treaty in question was between 15 predominantly Asian states, with two exceptions being Australia and New Zealand. It is called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership with (RCEPDahJTkfw. The signatories…

China’s Reaction to Australian Thoughtlessness Makes an Overdue Point


For all of this century, China has been Australia’s most important trading partner. By 2019 it took more than one third of all Australian exports. This percentage had grown steadily each year. It was not alone in representing the importance of the Chinese market to the Australian economy. In 2019 China also became the largest source…

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