James ONeill

Economic Reality Confronts Europe With Some Hard Choices


After a brief period of depression, the Russian rouble has recovered back to the position held in December 2021 and is currently trading at around 84 roubles to the US dollar. It was not a recovery foreseen by the Americans who have made a determined effort to attack the rouble and by that means mount an attack upon the Russian…

Russia’s Actions in Ukraine Trigger World Wide Consequences


The United States president Joe Biden has recently visited Poland and made a speech which on one hand was barely coherent, and on the other displayed yet again the incredible American capacity to gloss over its own history of waging almost non-stop war on any country that dares to refuse to abide by United States dictates about…

The End of United States’ World Hegemony Looms Large


Last week the Chinese Premier Chou En Lai had a telephone conversation with United States president Joe Biden. The Chinese have provided an extensive report on the conversation. It appears that the main reason for the telephone call, initiated by Biden, was to pressure the Chinese not to assist Russia its present confrontation with Ukraine. It appears from the Chinese…

Oh For an Independent Australian Foreign Policy


The Australian mainstream media continues its misreporting of the ongoing war in Ukraine. The latest example, also repeated on the ABC and SBS television outlets, was the bombing of a hospital in Mariupol. This was presented to the viewing public as an unprovoked and reckless Russian attack on a hospital, filled with pregnant women waiting to give birth…

Western Hypocrisy Over Recent Events Shows No Limits


Last Thursday evening a senior Republican (US) official issued what must count as one of the most outrageous tweets issued by a senior politician. Lindsey Graham tweeted “is there a Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military? The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out. You would be doing…

Western Hypocrisy Over Ukraine Knows No Limits


A few days ago, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. The movement of Russian troops went far beyond removing Ukrainian forces from the Donbass region that they have occupied and challenged for the past eight years. The uproar from Western nations was as predictable as it was hypocritical. In 2014 an American backed coup took place against the lawfully elected…

Under United States Pressure On Germany Faces a Moment of Choice


The Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and his United States counterpart Antony Blinken are scheduled to hold a meeting next week at an as yet undisclosed European location. It is difficult to see what the two men have to talk about. Lavrov has recently held meetings in Moscow with his British counterpart Elizabeth…

The China-Russia Meeting on 4 February Sets Out A Clear Alternative for the World


On fourth of February 2022 an important meeting took place in Beijing., China between the leader of China Xi Jin Ping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Putin was in China at Xi’s invitation to attend the opening of the Winter Olympics. The reason for his visit however, went far beyond celebrating the opening of a major…

Vladimir Putin’s Meeting With Xi Jinping Marks an Important Step in Eurasian Future


The past week saw what was arguably the most important encounter for a considerable period of time. The Russian president Vladimir Putin travelled to Beijing as the honoured guest of Chinese president Xi Jinping . It was their first face to face meeting for more than two years. The two leaders did not waste the opportunity…

Australia Slow to Learn From the Lessons of History


Australia will hold a general election no later than May of this year. According to the opinion polls, it should be a victory for the Labor Party. They have consistently held a lead over the governing coalition of Liberal and National party members for a considerable period of time, the last opinion poll published less than one week ago showing them with a commanding 10-point…

Europe Faces a Moment of Truth Over Russia’s Demands on the United States Presence in Europe


The German government has recently refused overflight rights to the Royal Air Force who were sending planes to Ukraine loaded with weapons. The French government also refused overflight rights, which meant that the British planes had to make a long detour to eventually reach their…

The Recently Failed Kazakhstan Coup Attempt Points to a New World Order


The recent talks held in Geneva and Brussels between the Russian delegates and their American and European equivalents have been completed without any agreement being reached. The Russians have given a one-week deadline for the United States and NATO’s response to their demands. The chances of the Americans…

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