James ONeill

Unwise to Expect Too Much From the Biden-Putin Meeting in Geneva


A meeting between Russian president Vladimir Putin and United States president Joe Biden has been scheduled for June in the Swiss city of Geneva. It appears that the impetus for the meeting came from Biden who has displayed more enthusiasm for the meeting than his Russian counterpart. The Russian scepticism is well founded…

The Suffering of the Palestinians Continues and the World Simply Watches


One of the world’s great enduring myths, persisted in by multiple political leaders, is the two-state solution in Israel – Palestine. The State of Israel was created in 1948, not least as a form of compensation for what had happened to the Jewish people in World War II. At the time of its creation, the bulk of the land in what became Israel…

The Rules Based International Order is a Misnomer That Endangers Us All


The United States and its Western allies are very fond of quoting the importance of adherence to what they call “the rules based international order.” It is for example, central to Australia’s strategy, apparently first used by then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2008, and adopted by his multiple successors. It is a term that has been…

United States Plans to Recalibrate the China-Russia Relationship Doomed to Fail


This week the United States secretary of state Anthony Blinken travels to Ukraine for meetings with the Ukrainian leadership. It is likely that he is taking a message that the Ukrainians do not want to hear: that they must cease the undeclared war against the two breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. Although it is not a message that Ukrainians…

Australian Self Interest Sacrificed in a Needless Economic War with China


This week the Australian government took its expected step and cancelled the Belt and Road Initiative agreement that the Australian State of Victoria had signed with the Chinese. The move was not unexpected and had been signalled by the government some time ago. The ostensible reason for the cancellation was that it was…

Biden’s Uncertain Policies Pose Some Serious Questions


Two United States announcements this week have raised some interesting points and are worthy of further examination. The first was an announcement by United States president Joe Biden on Wednesday, 13 April that United States troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the 11th of September this year. The choice of that date is significant…

The West Resolutely Refuses to Face the Facts in Crimea


One of the more tiresome aspects of the mainstream media is the way they ignore history and treats all modern systems as though they were devoid of historical context. Nowhere is this more obviously the case then in the presentation of the current situation in Crimea. Western politicians and reporters seem completely bereft of historical context when discussing the current…

Respect for a Real System of International Law Long Overdue


The United States propaganda war against China took on an extra dimension recently when the New York Times published an article reflecting its ongoing war against the People’s Republic of China on 29 March 2021. The article was entitled “An Alliance of Autocracies? China wants to lead the new world order”. The article was written…

More at Stake for Iran and China than just a Trade Deal


After several years of negotiation, the China-Iran agreement has finally been signed. It provides for a multi-billion-dollar investment in Iran by China over the next 25 years. In signing the agreement, China has unequivocally expressed to the world in general and the United States in particular that it is totally unimpressed by the current United States attitude towards Iran…

Truth is the Last Call of the Perpetrators of Falsehoods About China’s Population Policy


Two senior Chinese officials have in this past week met their American counterparts in the United States city of Anchorage, Alaska. Initial reports of the meeting were not encouraging. The Chinese leader reacted angrily to the United States’ opening statement that accused China of committing various crimes including against the Uighurs…

Australia’s Treatment of Refugees a National Disgrace


One of the great ironies is of modern Australian life is attitudes to migrants, specifically, those who come to the country or attempt to do so as refugees. The first white settlers arrived 250 years ago, consisting of English prisoners, and their guards. They found a country occupied by an aboriginal people who had been there for more than 100,000 years. The British settlers…

It Would be Unrealistic to Expect Real Foreign Policy Change From the Biden Administration


The White House has recently published an International Security Strategic Guidance document. Its central claim is that democracy is under threat. Is acknowledges that the reality is that the distribution of power across the world is changing, creating new threats. It identifies China as becoming…

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