James ONeill

The War in Ukraine Rapidly Approaches its Denouement


The war in Ukraine is rapidly reaching a crucial point with the Russian forces inexorably drawing ever closer to complete control of the Donbass. Once the Donbass is completely under the control of the Russians it is an open question as to how much further into the state of Ukraine they will advance. At the present time they show no inclination to stop their advance…

The True Cost of Europe’s Sanctions Upon Russia Are Now Being Revealed


Last Tuesday Russia’s Gasprom company announced that it was restricting the flow of natural gas via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany by 40% from previously planned levels. The restriction was justified on the basis of delays in equipment to affect necessary repairs. Those delays are directly attributable…

The War in Ukraine Points to Major Changes in the Future Structure of Power in the World


The war in Ukraine has been characterised by misinformation almost from the very beginning. The Western media has shown an amazing capacity for selective memory. Accounts of the war almost always commence with the Russian intervention in the Donbass in February 2022. It is as though…


The War in Ukraine is Having Major Consequences for the World Economic System


The war in Ukraine is grinding to its inexorable conclusion with a Ukrainian defeat only a matter of time. Yet this truth has not penetrated the mind of Ukraine’s president who recently issued the absurd demand that the Ukrainians would talk peace, but only after the Russians had withdrawn from the Donbass and from…

Recent Revelations About Ukraine’s Illegal Arms Projects Highlights Other Major Shifts in the World


Earlier this year Russia alleged that Ukraine and the United States were developing biological weapons. The development of these weapons has been banned since the signing of a convention on the topic in 1971. These reports are all dismissed by the Western mainstream media that alleged it was Russian…

Reasons To Doubt the Foreign Policy of The New Labor Government


Australia held a general election last Saturday, 21 May. The governing Liberal National party coalition was heavily defeated. It will be replaced by the Labor government which at the time of writing did not hold a majority of the seats in Parliament. In fact, the victorious Labor Party managed to win less than one third of the popular vote. The real…

United States Bioweapons Developments in Ukraine May Prove a Fatal Mistake


What is now emerging into full view is the development of bio weapons in Ukraine by the Americans. This program has been in existence for a number of years, organised by the leadership of the Democratic Party who in turn benefited from company donations from the principal organisers of the program. These companies include Pfizer…

The Forthcoming Australian Election is Not Really About Meaningful Change


In less than two weeks’ time, on Saturday 20th May the Australian electorate goes to the polls to select a new government. If the opinion polls are correct, it should be a victory for the Labor Party which last held power in 2013. There are however, a number of uncertainties in the polls. The first is the rise of independent…

Australia and the United States Seek to Create a Crisis in the Pacific


The recent pact between China and the Solomon Islands has exposed the manifest hypocrisy with which the United States and Australia view their relationship with smaller members of the Pacific community. The Solomon Islands have recently signed a security deal with China. The details of the arrangement have not been publicly…

The Role of Modern China in a Changing World


We are currently witnessing the greatest change in the Geo political landscape that has ever occurred in the lives of those alive today. At the end of the Second World War there were two major powers in the world: Russia and the United States. Only one, the United States, then had the atomic bomb, which they had used in July 1945 in a live experiment on the people of two Japanese…

The Looming New World Order Challenges United States Power


A great many of online journals argue that the war in Ukraine marked the end of the era dominated by Western power. There’s statements claiming that the military conflict was a watershed event that marked a break from the past and the beginning of a new geopolitical reality. It is a thesis that is worth examining in a little detail because if true, it marks the end…

The War in Ukraine Marks a Turning Point in Power in the World


One of the interesting features of the ongoing war in Ukraine is the extent to which the Australian mainstream media has almost entirely ceased to bother offering an objective assessment of what is actually happening in the ongoing war in that country. The latest examples refer to the alleged murder of citizens in the town of Bucha…

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