James ONeill

The World’s Centre is Reverting to Asia


The Asian Times writer Pepe Escobar is one of the most widely read and respected commentators in the English language, although he himself is a Brazilian and therefore always writing in a foreign language. In part because of the location of his major media outlet, Singapore, and in part because Asia is clearly where Escobar sees the future of the world, he has…

The Exposure of Australian War Crimes in Afghanistan Raises Questions the Politicians are Still Reluctant to Face


A report issued this week after a four-year investigation into alleged war crimes by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan has promoted a degree of outrage previously unknown with regard to the alleged conduct of Australian army personnel. While the public outrage is welcomed, it has completely avoided more…

The RCEP Deal Signed on Sunday Represents a New Era In World Trade Relations


A major treaty was signed on 16 November 2020 and it has been barely noticed by the western media. The treaty in question was between 15 predominantly Asian states, with two exceptions being Australia and New Zealand. It is called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership with (RCEP). The signatories…

China’s Reaction to Australian Thoughtlessness Makes an Overdue Point


For all of this century, China has been Australia’s most important trading partner. By 2019 it took more than one third of all Australian exports. This percentage had grown steadily each year. It was not alone in representing the importance of the Chinese market to the Australian economy. In 2019 China also became the largest source…

The United States Faces Interesting Times


It doesn’t matter who wins the election due to be held in the United States on Tuesday, 3 November. The lessons of the post-World War II era disclose a number of things, but the first of these is that irrespective of who holds the Oval Office, United States policy remains essentially unchanged. The one president who showed some signs of departing from…

The US Presidential Election Won’t Change US Policy, But Other Factors Might


The United States presidential election is now less than 15 days away and nothing emerging from the statements of either of the contenders inspires confidence that the world will be a safer and more rational place after the election, irrespective of who wins. It is a sorry spectacle that the pretender to leadership of the “free…

Recent Speeches by Putin, Lavrov and Xi Signal Fundamental Changes in the Pipeline


Three recent speeches and interviews given by major politicians have sharpened the political debate now raging in the Western media. Ironically, none of the three speeches received significant coverage in the Western media. Ironically, despite the lack of Western media coverage, all three…

Western Propaganda Over Skripal and Navalny Show Remarkable Similarities


There was once a notion that enjoyed wide acceptance throughout the world, especially in those countries that shared a common heritage with the United Kingdom, that was known as “British justice”. It was probably always a flawed notion, but such was the power of British colonialism that it enjoyed a reputation nonetheless…

Australia Faces Challenging Times Caused by Deteriorating Relations with China


A recent article published in Russia Today on 13 October 2020 by Tom Fowdy raised some very important issues affecting Australia’s economic well-being. That economic position is rapidly deteriorating as the country’s crucial economic relationship with China disintegrates at an accelerating rate. Australia’s export structure has had several…

Three United Nations Speeches by Trump, Xi and Putin Reveal Stark Contrasts


In recent days the presidents of arguably the three most important nations in the modern world gave addresses to the 70th annual opening of the United Nations General Assembly. Style and content of the three addresses could not have been more different. They are highly instructive of the way the three nation’s leaders…

Australia is Learning the Hard Way the Price of its Adherence to US Foreign Policy


In his recent article, a Canadian analyst Patrick Armstrong took a detailed look at current United States policy toward its European allies. Although he does not mention Australia once in his article, much of what Mr Armstrong has to say about United States policy toward its European “allies” is of direct relevance to Australia…

Navalny Sacrificed as Part of a Wider Geopolitical Battle


Few stories in recent years more clearly illustrate the sorry decline in western media standards than the coverage currently being given to the illness of Russian dissident politician Alexei Navalny. Mr Navalny is at most a minor irritant to the ruling Russian politicians. At the last election he polled less than 2% of the popular vote. In most western countries such a poll rating…

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