James ONeill

More to the Flight 752 Tragedy Than First Appearances Suggest


On 3 January 2020 a drone, believed to be operated by the United States, fired a missile upon a convoy of cars departing Baghdad airport, killing at least nine persons. Amongst the victims was Major General Qassem Solemani, a high ranking Iranian general who at the time of his murder was engaged in what is accurately described as a peace mission. He was carrying documents…

Expecting the United States to Voluntarily Leave Iraq is Wishful Thinking


In 1990 Iraq, then under the leadership of its President Saddam Hussein was in dispute with its neighbour Kuwait. The Iraqis accused Kuwait of drilling for oil in such a way as to deplete Iraq’s oil reserves. The Iraqis were incensed by what they perceived as theft of their resources and resolved to take action. Saddam Hussein however…

Latest American Criminality a Serious Threat to World Peace


The world became a measurably more dangerous place last week with the United States murder of Iranian Major General Qassem Saleimani and at least eight other prominent individuals including the SMU leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhardis. Since the murder an increasing number of facts have emerged that cast particular insight into…

The Re-Emergence of Iran as a Symptom of Greater Regional Changes


Iran has a long and proud history. It is one of the world’s oldest civilisations. Today it is one of the world’s largest nations with over 83 million people as of October 2019. As such it is the world’s 20th largest nation ranked by population. In recent decades it has endured a series of political challenges, not the least…

The West’s Present Misconduct Has a Long History


One of the persistent themes of western political leaders is that they support the notion of “the rule of law”. By this they generally mean the system of law as developed by western nations, and in the international context the formulation over the past 120 years or so of international law. By this of course, they mean “their law”. Any deviation from this by non-western…

Washington Post Revelations Only Part of the Story


The Washington Post has recently published a series of articles detailing its long battle to obtain United States government documents relating to the decision to invade Afghanistan in 2001. The Washington Post story has been picked up by a number of news organisations around the world. Insofar as these revelations confirm…

Confronting Changing Geopolitical Realities


In the Australian media they have in recent weeks being waging an information war against China. One recent illustration of this was the publicity given to a Chinese defector. He was presented in the media as a former senior official in China’s spy agency who had carried out a number of activities in East Asia on behalf of China. That he was only…

Latest US Moves in Syria Reveal True Objectives of Imperialism


About two weeks ago United States President Donald Trump announced a vague commitment to largely withdraw US troops from Syria. As with many of Trump’s pronouncements the announcement had to be taken with a considerable degree of caution. What he says and what he does, or perhaps more accurately what…

BC: The Latest US Sanctions Point to a Declining World Superpower

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On Monday 6th of August the United States imposed a fresh set of sanctions on Iran. These are intended as a prelude to even stronger sanctions to take effect in November. The clearly stated intention is to break the Iranian governments will to resist American demands, and to cause such domestic…

Asia Reasserts its Role as the World’s Leading Force


Although the ordinary reader of the western media would scarcely be aware of it, the rest of the world is making fundamental changes to economic and political relationships. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the greater Eurasian region. This area of land encompasses four of the worlds officially acknowledged eight…

Trump’s Latest Middle East Gambit Shows the True Face of American Imperialism


The last week of October 2019 saw a great deal of western newspaper reporting on the United States withdrawal from Syria announced by US President Trump. That his general claim was in fact heavily qualified, not supported by his own generals, and contradicted by actual events on the ground received much less media attention. In all of the…

BC: Trump’s Rejection of the JCPOA Poses a Major Threat


President Trump has announced that he is no longer willing to certify Iran’s compliance with the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreed to by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus the European Union (EU), Germany and Iran in July 2015. That agreement was unanimously endorsed by the Security…

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