James ONeill

The Orientation of World Political Power Moves Inexorably Eastward


Vladivostok recently hosted the Eurasian Economic Forum where it was addressed by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. Vladivostok itself is an important centre of development in the Russian Far East and therefore appropriate as the host of the conference whose theme centred on the “path to a multipolar world.” The conference…

A New System of International Relationships is Developing and it is to be Welcomed


One of the most interesting developments in recent years has been the decline in the political and economic importance of Europe. This trend can be traced back to the 1960s when the European powers were forced to give up their colonial holdings, in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This was most marked for Britain and France…

The War in Ukraine is a Foretaste of Much Wider Changes


When viewing the war in Ukraine one has the experience of reading the Western media and having to ask oneself, where do these people gather their information from? There is almost a complete detachment from the events on the ground and the way it is reported in the Western media. This is more readily apparent in the British press…

A New World Order is Looming and the West Doesn’t Like It


On Tuesday of last week the Russian president Vladimir Putin addressed the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security. The meeting was attended by a large number of delegates from what are commonly referred to as Third World countries. The western nations showed no interest in the conference and coverage in the western media was correspondingly…

Russian Patience With the War in Ukraine Is Not Endless as the West May Soon Learn


In March of this year Russian troops captured the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. It has been in Russian possession ever since, although the Ukrainian forces have made desperate attempts to recapture it. These attempts have included bombing and shelling of the site. To describe this and incredibly stupid is an understatement…

Hopeful Signs of Changes Occurring in World Balance of Power


The recent visit to Taiwan by the United States politician Nancy Pelosi was one of the most ill-judged and provocative actions by a US politician for some considerable time. The fact that the United States President Joe Biden refused the opportunity to forbid the visit also speaks volumes about the US attitude toward Taiwan and more…

The Prospects for Peace in Ukraine Diminish By The Day


One of the outstanding features of Western media is its ability to have a collective memory loss. This was never more apparent than the current response to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. To listen to Western politicians expostulating on the current war one is effectively being persuaded by them to forget about Western invasions into the affairs of foreign countries…

Recent Developments With Russia and the World Point Inexorably to a New World Order


Last week there was a meeting of Russian President Putin and President Erdogan of Turkey and President Raisi of Iran in Iran’s capital Teheran. Only a short time ago a meeting of these three men, especially in Iran’s capital of Teheran, would have been unthinkable. The meeting was a measure of how much…

The World is Changing and the Rich Nations Need to Take Notice


One of the notable features of recent years has been the increasing division between the planet’s rich powers and the rest. The former group consists primarily of the European nations, plus the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It has increasingly tried to expand its influence, most obviously at the recent meeting…

Russia’s Reorientation to the East is Proving to be the Correct Decision


It may be premature, but one suspects that there is a fundamental shift taking place in the balance of power throughout the world. This is manifesting itself in a variety of different ways. One such clue was the recent meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the G20 group of nations. An attempt to isolate the Russians represented…

The World is Facing a Stark Choice Between the NATO and BRICS View of the World


The recent NATO summit held in Spain included as guests the nations of Australia, New Zealand and Japan. By expanding the invited countries, NATO was signaling that it was the longer confined to the North Atlantic, as its name consistently represents, but instead was expanding its sphere of influence to the Asia and Pacific region. The motives are obvious…

The War in Ukraine Rapidly Approaches its Denouement


The war in Ukraine is rapidly reaching a crucial point with the Russian forces inexorably drawing ever closer to complete control of the Donbass. Once the Donbass is completely under the control of the Russians it is an open question as to how much further into the state of Ukraine they will advance. At the present time they show no inclination to stop their advance…

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