Henry Kamens

Sexual Exploitation of Minors in Georgia: Latest Case is But Tip of the Iceberg!


This is a saying that sex offenders and those closest to them, such as Prince Andrew and others, should know. The Jeffrey Epstein case is still not dead, as another similar one just broke in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is even more insidious. This time the sex offenders are not just some sick man and a network of equally sick friends…

Retail vs. Wholesale Election Fraud in US Elections


The presidential contest is already turning sour in the U.S. with the DNC (the “Democratic” National Committee) and America’s huge mainstream media (“MSM”) corporations refusing to allow Tulsi Gabbard, the only antiwar Democrat, to participate in the next round of debates. The amounts of money raised and so-called polling…

Iran is NOT Messing Around – Republicans Beware!


Iran not messing around these days. The Islamic Republic is in perhaps the best position it has ever been. All the present allegations concerning Iran’s warlike intentions, and shades-of-subterfuge-flying-colours, make the situation somewhat ironic, and go further towards providing a moral high ground for the Iranians…

John Bolton was to Trump as Grigori Rasputin was to Tsar Nicholas

NEO Bolton 740 2

Will John Bolton be the downfall of Donald Trump? Is what is now in the news but a prelude to a greater story? It all depends whether you want to accept the official story of why Trump dismissed his BIG MOUTH national security advisor, President Ousts…

Khan Shaykhun’s Fall May Provoke Turkish Domino Effect – Bashar has Won the War!


News on Syria has turned humdrum, with a few exceptions, at least for the Western media. Other, more important, news is claiming the attention of Fox and CNN. But let me cite one piece of news in recent weeks that should be getting more mainstream attention—the very…

Media Spin Makes David Gareja Monastery a “Flashpoint for False Flag”


Both history and borders are not constant. They are often in flux, especially if conflicts can serve some not so hidden agendas. On 30th July, the self-described “independent” outlet OC media, which also happens to be funded by the Open Society Foundation…

Public Health Crisis: Tricky Ticks as “Ticking Time Bombs”


Is this not something we have heard before, and not just when it makes it to Yahoo News – “Weaponised Bugs”, this time in the form of blood sucking ticks? A recent headline reads: US military chiefs ordered to reveal if Pentagon used diseased insects as biological weapons. Alarmist? Maybe not, when we see other headlines such as: Ebola…

Georgian Rustavi2 TV Journalist Suffers NED-Inspired Diarrhea of the Mouth


They will never cease to amaze me, the new depths, even as reported by the BBC … the so-called Georgian media can reach when spurring out carefully scripted hate speech for political ends. Take the case of the Rustavi2 TV station, on a programme aired nationally in…

Georgia, NOT What’s on the Surface but the REAL Story!


What is going on? Is Dr. Michael Carpenter a mini-John Bolton in the making? The timing of the recent protests was to be expected. They sound as if Joe Biden is about ready to use Georgia for his “doomed” presidential campaign in much in the same vein as John McCain attempted to do back in August 2008…

Georgian Protests: Not Spontaneous and Not Ordinary—Part of Wider US Agenda?


Upwards of 10,000 protesters attempted to storm Georgia’s parliament building on June 20. The crowd swarmed the building during what at first glance appeared to an anti-government rally. They demanded the resignations of top officials, allegedly in response to a speech…

Will Joe Biden’s “Greedy Tracks” in Ukraine Derail Presidential Bid?


Americans hear a lot about the conflict in Ukraine from various sources, but most know little about what it is. For all intents and purposes, they see [at best] it as a proxy war with Russia, but that is because they don’t hear from people on the front line. However, they are likely to hear more…

Gay Pride Weaponized by CIA in Georgia


Who said religion and politics don’t mix? Religion is one of the failsafe of any politician – lie and cheat and abuse people, and if you say that your actions are motivated by religion, everything will be forgiven. Trump was even sent to us to save Israel! Religious groups themselves are happy to indulge the worst kinds of…

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