Henry Kamens

Death of Eduard Shevardnadze: the “Player” Who Played Them All

The death of former Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze, which was announced on 7th July, will have a profound effect on…

John Tefft, the US “Special Ambassador” Appointed to Russia

For diplomats of any country, Moscow represents a plum posting. If you are selected to serve there it implies your…

Georgia: The Switzerland of the Caucasus?

Times may change but some things never do. Whenever a government of a small country has been in power too…

“New Great Game” The Threat of the Turkic Council and ISIS

Turkey once had an empire. It knows the Ottoman Empire will never return. But in order to be the big…

From Iraq to Syria: How to transport men and weapons without really trying

The much touted fall of Mosul and the alleged capture of US military equipment have been in the making for…

Are Meskhetians Georgians or not?

Like almost all countries, Georgia has a number of indigenous, rather than immigrant or displaced, national minorities. One of these…

US Biolabs: A New Smallpox-like disease breaks out in Georgia.

Jeffrey Silverman, an investigative journalist in the Republic of Georgia and US Army veteran, was once stationed at a chemical…

150 Year Caucasian War Anniversary – Has It Really Ended?

On May 21 the Circassian peoples of the North Caucasus will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the end of what…

Ukraine: “All Your Coals ARE Belong to the IMF”

As we predicted before this got nasty, when it was just a matter of EU Association agreement vs. Customs Union,…

Kiev Snipers: Mystery Solved

Despite all the reporting on Ukraine, there is one aspect of the war which, perhaps not surprisingly, has not made…

Antitank missiles for Syrian rebels part of existing US arms trafficking mechanism

It is well-known in the intelligence community that the business of the US defence establishment is making war, and making…

Saakashvili’s Gang Find Safe Haven in the Ballot Box at Georgian Local Elections

April is the start of local election season in Georgia. In any Georgian election, as the ones scheduled for June,…

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