Henry Kamens

Neither Germany nor Europe Can Live Without Russian Gas


Some wind is being taken out of the sails of German political parties, especially the Greens, by the pending energy crisis facing both Germany and much of Europe. This will have far reaching implications, not only in domestically but in Germany’s relations with The Russian Federation and various NATO and EU members. Germany foresaw this, and thus…

NATO and the EU: Will Dad’s Army Become a Rapid Reaction Force?


Did you ever hear of the old British TV show Dad’s Army? If not, it is high time to see it—and have a good laugh in the process. The show is about the Home Guard, the volunteer civil defence force established in the UK during World War II in case the Germans invaded. A succession of bumbling civilians from a wide variety of occupations comes…

Tensions Rise in the Gulf of Oman


Recent events in Lebanon, the border clashes with Israel and exchange of rockets, should come as no surprise to regional observers, especially in the larger shadow of Israeli-Iranian rhetoric. It is no coincidence that the attack on an Israeli-managed oil tanker in the Gulf in recent weeks, in which two crew members, a Briton and a Romanian, were killed, is being…

Soylent Green is the Pink Slime of Today!


This past year, I’ve heard the movie “Soylent Green” referenced countless times. It especially hits home when it comes to environmental concerns, and how some pundits, including Bill Gates, advocate that rich countries, such as the United States and Western Europe, should switch to eating 100 percent synthetic beef. However the issues…

Success Without Imperialism – “What the US Cannot Understand?”


There is always a conflict between high principle and pragmatism. Embracing both is probably a wise strategy. But whether you can actually have anything both ways, or whether the outcome would mean anything if you did, remains to be seen. As Geoff Young, political pundit who has run for political office in the US State of Kentucky…

Saudi and Western Ponzi-Scheme vs. Regional Geopolitical Realities


The more you read, and read again, the same material but with the titles changed, the more disillusioned you become. It is as if the pundits just don’t get it, even to the extent of calling the South Caucasus part of Europe. In that particular case even Wikipedia is more accurate than most: Transcaucasia, also known as the South Caucasus…

Will Afghanistan Become Everybody Else’s Problem with the US and NATO Withdrawal?


The situation in Afghanistan is like the ending of Charlie’s Wilson war. In the endgame there is no saving face and no victory is won. In fact a great vacuum remains, despite 20 years of US and NATO partner attempts to nation-building. It is not as if they did not know how it would end, sooner or later, as with Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers…

Blatant Media and Free Speech Censorship without Shame or Remorse!


We do our best to try and write something of value here. So it is always distressing when we know about the motives of other journalists is confirmed – over and over again. It’s finally happened – they’ve got footage of a CNN writer in a bar admitting to writing propaganda, aka “fake news”. As if we did not already know. The difference…

Armenian Genocide Recognition, Game Changer and Threat to NATO’s Continued Existence


With Turkey in tatters, Joe Biden has added insult to injury with the Armenian Genocide recognition, a campaign promise he has now kept. A few weeks ago, Turkey’s currency lost 17% in one day, and COVID is at its highest peak there. It goes without saying that the Turkish leadership is facing disaster, both…

Georgia’s Political “False Flags” – Never Missing an Opportunity for Russian Bashing


In the wake of COVID and the current economic crisis you would think a country that has staked so much on tourism would not bite the hand that could [potentially] feed it. But conventional wisdom does not work when political parties will stoop to any level to spin the visit of a foreign journalist for political gain. This was definitely the case…

Is Softer US Policy on Russia Even Possible?


Presidential appointments can be revealing, not only in terms of those who are appointed but of those who are passed over, or kept in the shadows. One case in point is not breaking news, but nevertheless revealing, as is seen by the title of a recent MSM news article. Biden eyes Russia adviser criticized as soft on Kremlin, as the article puts it. It claims that President…

Biden’s Folly over Iran and Foreign Policy, “A Dr. Strangelove Threat to All!”


The maneouvres of the US and Iran in their efforts to come to some agreement on Iran’s Nuclear programme, peaceful or otherwise, are becoming only too predictable. Basically, both the US and Iran are no longer bound by the 2015 accord and have demanded that the other take the first step to return to full compliance, and it was the US that…

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