Henry Kamens

ANTIFA, Red Herrings and Fanning the Flames of Discord!


It should come as no surprise that there are many Red Herrings flying in the run up to the US presidential elections. Watching the spectrum of news outlets will bring an observer to completely different conclusions about any subject, espeically political, and leave them feeling the news outlets are actually talking about themselves, not their ostensible subjects…

Lebanon: Colonial Thieves & Conflicting Networks of Patronage


I am trying to think how best to write about Lebanon, about the BIGGER picture and the complicated political situation and structure there. It goes beyond the Beirut port bombing or the source of the fertiliser, well beyond the recriminations, and what is actually being reported in the news as well. This is a topic we have covered earlier in NEO…

Blind Faith, Subterfuge and not “Real Issues” will decide US Presidential Elections


Voter behaviour is not really so complicated. I once even took a course in it; about all that I can remember is that the “incumbent and name recognition is all that really matters” in getting re-elected, especially for a US President. Regardless of who is the pick for vice president, or whether or not Joe Biden is a Republican…

“Gone with the Wind” Returns with Vengeance and Insight!


It is bad enough that the media can no longer to be trusted, and worse that there are few alternative choices to turn to for reliable information that is free from spin. The audio recording group I’ve been associated with recently posted a solidarity message in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and against police brutality. America is rediscovering values…

Shifting Business Models of Higher Education


I suspect some colleges and universities will go under in the wake of COVID 19, as they faced with bankruptcy and are having to deal with lower enrollments too.  It might be a good time for military recruiters, at least in the US. The capitalist model is in dire straits, some claim is even falling, especially the business model for higher education. But it is it…

Expectations vs. Reality of Globalization – Time to Reflect in Hard Times


I recently discovered Rock ‘n Roll – a relatively unknown stage play from 2006 by Tom Stoppard, an intellectual playwright. Set in the period between 1968-1990, it addresses the struggle with communism waged by students in Eastern Europe. The play tells the story of brutal censorship in Stoppard’s…

Withdrawal of Patriot Missiles from Saudi Arabia Only the First Step


Many questions have been asked over the years about the special relationship between Saudi Arabia and the West. Despite the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, the continued war on Yemen, and the Saudi-led blockade on neighbouring Qatar, and their many ramifications, the Kingdom has…

Political & Media Spin in Pandemic Times


Where the US leads, the rest of the world is bound to follow. That is the reality of living with a superpower. So it is no surprise to see Trump’s response to the pandemic being repeated in places like Poland and Hungary – not healthcare support, but political opportunism. Various Heads of State and governments are giving themselves the authority to govern by emergency powers…

The Blame Game but Where Does It Lead?


The world has rarely, if ever, seen anything like this Covid-19 crisis. Consequently there are few signposts for how to deal with it. But we are still human beings, and on that basis alone, there are certain things we know. Trump is dealing with it by trying to hold back money due to the WHO, which he is calling an instrument of lying and damage control…

Is Trump Looking for Greener Pastures in Greenland?


An island, territory or just a big chunk of frozen ice, which few can even locate on the map, is now again gaining geopolitical attention. When John Kerry should have been helping the Democrats in their presidential election campaign, he was flown to the South Pole. Now the US its turning its attention to Greenland, perhaps on the grounds that it is the same but nearer…

COVID-2019: Life Imitates Art in Kentucky


Happenstance is too close to reality, at least based on recent news in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and elsewhere in the United States. In spite of all the precautions which may only delay the impending pandemic, few places will be safe—not even rural Kentucky. As an old school friend of mine wrote: You escaped just in time. Today, the day after you left…

Trump-Modi Bonhomie: Mostly Showmanship, Little Action!


President Donald Trump’s visit to India on February 24—the eighth of any US president—is being lauded by India’s domestic media as the greatest ever. This may be an exaggeration, but it did produce a series of arms deals and co-operation agreements in nuclear and conventional energy. What was missing however was any large or transformative agreement…

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