Henry Kamens

Georgia’s Political “False Flags” – Never Missing an Opportunity for Russian Bashing


In the wake of COVID and the current economic crisis you would think a country that has staked so much on tourism would not bite the hand that could [potentially] feed it. But conventional wisdom does not work when political parties will stoop to any level to spin the visit of a foreign journalist for political gain. This was definitely the case…

Is Softer US Policy on Russia Even Possible?


Presidential appointments can be revealing, not only in terms of those who are appointed but of those who are passed over, or kept in the shadows. One case in point is not breaking news, but nevertheless revealing, as is seen by the title of a recent MSM news article. Biden eyes Russia adviser criticized as soft on Kremlin, as the article puts it. It claims that President…

Biden’s Folly over Iran and Foreign Policy, “A Dr. Strangelove Threat to All!”


The maneouvres of the US and Iran in their efforts to come to some agreement on Iran’s Nuclear programme, peaceful or otherwise, are becoming only too predictable. Basically, both the US and Iran are no longer bound by the 2015 accord and have demanded that the other take the first step to return to full compliance, and it was the US that…

America is Not Back Yet, at Least when it Comes to Palestine!


Speaking about the state of Israel these days, it’s hard to argue that the persecuted have become the persecutors, and “two wrongs don’t make a right.” The flames of anti-Semitism are increasing, and this fire is fuelled by both left and right. For instance, Georgia’s Republican House of Representatives member…

Not Identifying Israel and Saudi Arabia as Allies: Stupidity or Brilliant Subterfuge?


The New York Post is now flexing its muscles as the newspaper of “veracity” in the wake of Biden’s son and Ukraine and the slippery energy deals. This policy has led it to try and raise other benchmarks of “trustworthiness,” such as the recent article: “Why Jen Psaki “can’t or won’t” answer whether Israel and Saudi Arabia are ‘important allies…

Conservative Americans Now Labeled “Domestic Terrorists”


The long-awaited transition of power finally occurred in the United States on January 20, 2021 when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as president and vice president. Two weeks before on January 6, a large number of Donald Trump’s supporters rallied in Washington DC to protest what they believed to be a stolen election by the Democrats. A small fraction…

Duelling Monuments Defines Political Landscapes and Slanted Histories


There are definite double standards in all aspects of life, such as the way different protests are handled. This has not only been recently demonstrated in the US, but in many different versions of history. The Suffragettes are presented by history as selfless freedom fighters who corrected an injustice by obtaining votes for women…

Trump vs. Biden: Misgovernment “Of and By” the American People


Apparently, the ultra-Republican and pro-Trump, Qanon and Proud Boys (two highly excited pro-American and anti-system groups) were the main instigators, however, they would have been totally unsuccessful if certain powers, did not decide to let this get out of control in order to discredit Trump and his legitimate supporters…

It’s been One Hell of a Year in the US and its “Not Over with Yet!”


What is really going on in the US? Lots of people are having a difficult time, and see more of the same, if not worse, for the future. Most Americans are just thinking about one more stimulus check, just before Christmas, with so many unemployed, locked down with COVID restrictions, etc. And they should not get their hopes…

Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenian Defeat Trades One War 4-Another


The outcome of the Karabakh war is turning me into more of a cynic. I keep hoping it’s just a phase. However, based on the reality on the ground, not only in Azerbaijan and Armenia but the region as a whole, many questions are coming to mind. Now is the time to reflect on what comes next, and how the political balance has been recalibrated…

Jordan: “Fake Stability” Prelude to “Misery and Mayhem”


Jordan is one of those countries you seldom hear about, however, it is located in a tough neighbourhood. When you think of the “Middle East”, a familiar set of images in a listener’s head, and most of those are not good: violence, conflict, general poverty alongside significant oil wealth, arms, terrorism, and corruption – an unstable mess where the next “load…

Nagorno-Karabakh: Erdogan Trying to Save Himself at the Expense of Others?


It is still difficult to find out what is actually going on in the NK conflict zone. News outlets are highly selective in their reporting, which is based more often than not on carefully controlled information drips from Azerbaijan and Armenia. The reports being shared back and forth on various sites are little more than versions of whose ox…

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