Gwenyth Todd

The ABCs Of The Current Political Situation In Turkey–A Primer


The political and security situation in Turkey is becoming increasingly worrying as it deteriorates behind a jumble  of acronyms that few could possibly hope to understand.  Were it not for the associated terror…

Turkey’s Surprise Election Results – What Next?


In the run-up to last week’s Turkish elections, most observers expected Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AK Party to win a healthy two-thirds majority.  Had the AKP won, it would have paved the way for President Erdogan to make…

Blinded By The Gaza Spotlight: What Is Happening In The Shadows?

With Gaza firmly in the international spotlight, few observers seem willing or able to strain their eyes to determine activity…

Ahmad Chalabi: The Return Of The “Bad Penny”

An English expression refers to a "bad penny" as someone who keeps turning up and causing trouble no matter how…

Is Turkey Becoming Irrelevant To NATO? Part 2

By now, faced with the rise of the Islamists and effectively abandoned by the US, the Turkish security establishment continued…

Is Turkey Becoming Irrelevant To NATO? Part 1

The victory of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP in Turkey) in the May 30 2014 municipal…

The ISIS Crisis: Have The Sunnis Unleashed an Uncontrollable Genie?

The sudden, successful attack by the Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) caught many states off-guard.  While international attention…

Scandal In Turkey – Who Is Behind the Erdogan Leaks?

In the run-up to the March 30 elections, many scandals were publicly leaked in Turkey indicating criminal activity by Mr. Erdogan, his ministers and their families.  Clearly, Mr. Erdogan's government has a serious security…

AIPAC pushes for Iran sanctions during Ukraine Crisis

Over the past few weeks, one primary issue has blanketed Western media coverage: the situation in Ukraine.  Since this issue…

Erdogan’s Pivotal Role in the Syrian Crisis. Part 2

While the European Union process seemed to advance in fits and starts, Mr. Erdogan simultaneously began the process of establishing…

Erdogan’s Pivotal Role in the Syrian Crisis. Part 1

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's recent visit to Iran has highlighted once again the delicate balancing act Erdogan is…

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