Grete Mautner

How Women End Up in Radical Islamist Groups in the First Place?


Once the imminent defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq became obvious to pretty much everyone, those fighting under its black flags started packing to take a long trip home. However, ISIS militants wouldn’t take this unbelievably brutal…

How Much of an Alpha Dog can Macron Really be?

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Earlier last week, in accordance with the pledge that Emanuel Macron made together with his wife to host public events in the Elysee Palace each thursday, the sitting French president took part in the symphonic fairy tale for children Peter and the Wolf that was composed by…

Washington Seeks Ways of Bringing Some “Iraqi Freedom” to Moscow


The closer we approach the presidential election in Russia, the more hysterical the Western propaganda machine gets in a desperate bid to somehow to…

Trumplandia: Can a Social Media Addict Run a State?


Upon taking power in Russia a hundred years ago, the head of the Bolsheviks, Vladimir Lenin, in his article Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power? noted that We (the Bolsheviks) are not utopians. We know that an unskilled labourer or a cook cannot immediately get on with the job…

China’s New Year is About to Come


Although the rest of the world has already celebrated the Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, China is still preparing for the New Year celebration, as it uses its own Chinese calendar. In China, this holiday is celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar. It is called Chunjie…

The Notorious 1% is Getting Increasingly Childophobic


Most Americans are now growing tired of the constant Russophobic hysteria that has become somewhat commonplace in the Western media. Allegedly, it’s been provoked by the so-called “Russian interference in the 2016 US elections” that no one can explain or prove. However, what most Americans…

Trump’s Got the Doomsday Clock Rolling


It’s been announced that the symbolics Doomsday Clock that reflects how close the human race approached the ultimate annihilation has advanced by yet another 30 seconds, as it’s been reported by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The decision to advance the hands was made by…

How Come Washington’s in a Rush to Rig Russia’s Election?


The string of unfounded accusations against Russia for its alleged interference in various elections across the world has been voiced by Western political and media figures for over a year now. In fact, we’re witnessing an unprecedented propaganda campaign aimed at discrediting…

What Are the Results of the So-Called Arab Spring?


Seven years after the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring, both commentators across the MENA region and its residents remain fairly unsatisfied with the “revolutionary changes” this movement brought them. Seven years ago in the month of January, President Ben Ali…

Trump’s “Shit” Remark has Put the US in a Hole


It seems that various politicians across the globe are growing equally tired of a long list of Trump’s phobias that manifest themselves in both his speeches and his Tweets, just like regular citizens of most countries of this world. It all went that far that thousands of occult…

America May Soon Face an Apocalyptic Event of Seismic Proportions


As the new year beings it is not just the time to draw the line under the previous one, but is also a great moment for making predictions. Throughout centuries there’s been all sorts of prophets that would seek to warn those around them by using the mind of a gifted. However, there…

What the Media Thinks About Protests in Iran


Now we know that the protests that began in the Iranian Razavi Khorasan Province at the very end of December and that were quick to spread all over the country were provoked by repeated calls for acts of civil disobedience voiced by anonymous provocateurs on the Telegram. The absolute majority…

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