Gordon Duff

Israel is Burning Down “Assets”

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and author Gareth Porter have both been “burned” over bizarre actions recently. Where there may have been…

ISIS Downs Two US Warplanes, Who’s Responsible?

There is emerging evidence that ISIS/ISIL is coordinating military activities tied to upcoming US elections. Terrorist threats, downing of US…

Nuclear Threats Enter the Mainstream

In private discussions with investigators from the IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear non-proliferation investigators, they privately admitted…

Gaza After Action: No Rockets In Schools

After action reports, those military and intelligence analysts put together after any conflict, have revealed two vital facts: Hamas is…

9/11 Plus Thirteen, A Decline Into Madness

Another anniversary of 9/11 has just passed. The media inside the US has been inundated with a flurry of Islamophobic…

US Officials Demanded a 30 Billion Dollars Bribe

A day after former Republican Virginia governor, Bob McDonnell and his wife were convicted of 20 counts of bribery and…

Nuclear Terror Alert in US: Hoax or Blackmail?

A mysterious article was published in the New York Daily News today. On the surface, it made no sense, a…

Israel: The Nuclear Mouse that Roared

In the 1954 novel, "The Mouse that Roared" a "fictitious" small east European country captured an American atomic bomb called…

“Cracked,” the Demise of the “Iron Dome”

The Iron Dome missile defense system has failed. No Hamas rockets are being intercepted, Iron Dome launchers are empty. The…

Daily Mail Caught in War Hoax

The war of words between the US and Russia has been fueled, if not orchestrated by media that has gone…

Mini Nukes and M16: The Economy of War

The discussion below is a rare glimpse into the world of modern warfare and weapons design. The participants are the…

Israel deploys a new weapons system in Gaza

Reports, including photographic evidence reveal that Israel is using an energy weapon to attack targets in Gaza. The destructive beam,…

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