Gordon Duff

Obama’s Iran Speech and the “Gang of Ten”


This week, President Obama addressed the nation and world, making his case against attempts to block the 5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran. As an American political analyst with over 40 years’ experience, I was asked by several overseas and foreign…

Vital Obama Decision on Syria Bombing “Hoaxed”


The United States has been performing air strikes inside Syria for many months now with a singular lack of success. Thus, today’s announcement that something has changed, that the US will now be defending the fighters they recently trained inside Turkey…

The Deadly Turkish Deception


Today, all 28 NATO nations agreed to back Turkey in what is claimed to be their war on ISIS, four years late and likely to inflame the long predicted apocalypse. Erdogan, citing terror attacks has entered on a path of terrorism and mayhem now “NATO certified” as a just…

Barrel Bombing Us All


Here is a fair question, why discuss barrel bombs at all? It is clear to anyone who pays attention to world news that President Assad of Syria is using old oil drums filled with caustic chemicals to wipe out his entire population. No western paper, no Russian news bureau…

The Iran Agreement, More Nuclear Theatre


The planet is saved from the brink of war, we are told today. Everyone is weighing in, broken politicians, the walking dead of the geopolitical world hoping their inane observations on the obvious and meaningless might bring an iota of attention their way…

Understanding Manufactured Dissent in America


It was announced to the world that, during first quarter of 2015, the American economy “tanked.” Those who reported it, even those who jockeyed the economic indicators to manufacture a hideously wrong picture, knew it as well. Last week, stories hit the news, quietly of…

A Study of Julian


This week, 500,000 documents from Saudi intelligence were released by WikiLeaks, or were they? Now we find that teams, including Israeli intelligence, are “sifting through” the release, coordinating them into groups and removing what they tell us we don’t need to see…

Church Shooter More than an Enigma


Dylann Roof, we are told, lived at home, had no friends, no online life other than a 5 minutes old Facebook page, no school history past the ninth grade and one of the worst haircuts in history, straight out of a Robin Hood movie. The initial media details on his…

Will the “Gay Mafia” Take Over America Again?


A while ago Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives during the “W” Bush administration was arrested by the FBI for fraud and money laundering charges. Hastert was third in line for the presidency, and a major force for the continual moralizing of the right wing…

America’s Missed Opportunity In Syria


We begin with two issues that have come to light in the last week. The first involved the CIA Syria destabilization program that congress is voting to partially defund. It seems that the CIA has been operating with a $5 bn budget to arm separatist groups…

Building a Nuclear Case Against the Saudis


In recent months, reliable sources within the international NPP (Nuclear Non-Proliferation) community have confirmed the use of tactical nuclear weapons in first Eastern Ukraine and now Yemen. Even when broad documentation is offered including but…

Middle East: A Look at Current Strategic Analysis


In the wake of the widely “alleged” nuclear explosion in Yemen and the curious lack of attention to this event in some circles, we have turned to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation community for a view of recent events. There is a special…

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