Gordon Duff

America’s Military, Murdered or Murderers?


American military are stealing oil in Syria, trucking it into Turkey while the Syrian people do without fuel. American military burned wheat fields in Syria, this is not conjecture. American military attacked Syria with missiles, albeit with a humorous lack of success, in response to poison gas attacks that the US and its coalition partners were complicit in staging, this is not…

Will it be Biden and Putin, Making the New World?


The current situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan has shown the world the dangers of secret pacts and ancient grudges as a new “August 1914” moves toward reality. As early as 2012, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and the Gulf States began arming al Qaeda and ISIS, deploying them against both Syria and Iraq. Other nations aided as well, not just…

Even Americans are Afraid of America


What I am writing today I write inspired by the death of my good friend Andre Vltchek. He pushed all of us, we needed pushing. Now he is gone. We find our families where we can. We shared out stories, this was mine. I begin. I am an American, born after the Second World War or Great Patriotic War as it is called in Russia. I grew up in Detroit, my father was a factory…

The Strange Case of Trump’s New ‘Socialist Republic of Northern Syria’


Can there ever be a secular or even Bolshevik state encompassing much of the Middle East? Who is doing it? Is it the real NATO or the new US and Israeli dominated version, the ‘Arab NATO’ that Secretary Pompeo talks about? What is happening is the formation of a new nation inside Syria and Iraq, one based not on Wahhabist beliefs…

Is Russia Preparing for ‘First Strike’ from ‘Best Friend Trump’?


Donald Trump has announced he will contest the presidential election if he loses, a bizarre statement from someone who may well have taken on a “life’s work” few might guess. Trump, the virtual “stepchild” of “Red Baiter” Roy Cohn, a man whose hatred of Russia was notorious, may well not be the friend of Russia that so many in the Pentagon…

It Seems Russia is Rigging America’s Election, but is it True?


Efforts to make it appear like Russia is rigging this year’s presidential election are a danger to the world, a message we are hearing from security insiders. The Russian government denies involvement, and, to the outside world, the Russian government is Putin and Lavrov, certainly people no one can accuse of being fools. Yet…

In America, Privilege is Far More Fatal than COVID


Yesterday, I received a report from Syria. It told of blistering heat and no electricity, of fuel lines, of food shortages and economic suffering by the Syrian people. This is an excerpt: “I wonder if people in EU, US and UK had to deal with the repercussions of their government sanctions on Syria, would they fight harder to get sanctions banned as a hybrid war…

America’s Fake Civil War


The United States, in the fourth year of the Trump presidency, is in near anarchy. On April 29, 2020, a 600-car caravan, mostly trucks, from the ‘suburbs’ of Portland, Oregon, drove through town on what was ostensibly a Trump political rally. Demonstrating in town, and at this time no one is sure exactly what is being demonstrated for or against, were a few hundred “stragglers.”  The real demonstrations…

The Strange Case of Beirut’s Missing Port


On the afternoon of August 4, 2020, two explosions occurred in Beirut’s port area. One was small, the other one left a crater 550 feet across and, according to most recent reports, over 100 feet deep, perhaps well over. Reports on events have been the subject of a massive disinformation campaign, a massive censorship campaign and, as usual…

Trump’s Secret War Plan for the South China Sea


Talk of war with war between the US and China is the only real news, but is it? With the planet paralyzed from COVID 19, military operations are largely curtailed. COVID 19 has secretly swept through America’s military, particularly the US Navy, crippling its capability. Trump is planning a war with China to save his regime from disgrace and himself from prison…

Will a President Biden Become America’s ‘Putin?’


American elections are demonstrations to the world of how democracy can go bad. It is clear and simple. They are ruled by cash, run by ‘cons’ and exist inside a political system that is the most corrupt on earth. American politics matter to the world because, quite simply, when America catches a cold, the world goes on life support. We are…

America Under Total Censorship Lockdown as it Circles the Drain


The United States is under a broad censorship lockdown. News from regional press is blocked from national coverage, stories are crushed, certainly Facebook and Google ban and delist, but now at a level that should be unimaginable. The stories run in two areas, seemingly unrelated, that being BLM protests and the other…

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