Gordon Duff

The Strange Case of the Syrian Opposition


US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has cited concerns that Russia may be hitting the wrong targets in Syria. Does Carter believe that a Syrian opposition group utterly and absolutely divorced from terrorist allegiances exists?  Recent maps including one released by the UK Telegraph on…

Secret Mission to Syria


Was Syria nuked by Israel in May 2013? Answers to questions like this and others were given in a very private mission to Damascus. The nuclear question alone, which was answered at Syria’s highest levels, should turn the world upside down. A few short days ago…

The Secret ISIS Safe Havens Nobody Wants You to Know About


With recent talk of mysterious Russian forces inside Syria, forces no one has been able to locate, including Syrian President Assad, wondrous possibilities open to redress the both regional and global threat that ISIS represents. It isn’t just…

ISIS, a Partner America Can Live With


America’s “coalition” may well be splitting apart. With Turkey opening the floodgates into Europe and their carpet bombing of Kurds both inside Turkey and in Iraq and Syria, Germany, Russia and France are now looking to Assad. What they and others are now being forced to…

Time to Blame the Right People for the Refugee Debacle


Let’s get this straight, up to 6 million refugees are waiting to get into Western Europe. This is life and death for them, no Arab country wants them and the irony of six million people dying in Israeli concentration camps is unavoidable. This is…

Syria Expressed Discontent with Russia and Iran


Top Syrian officials claim that Russia and Iran are abandoning obligations made months ago and are betraying Syria and the Syrian people. Officials in Damascus are privately expressing rage at Russia and Iran who they believe have taken a “better deal”…

Turkey Joins the War, But on Which Side


Today, Turkey announced it was beginning an air campaign against the terrorist group known as ISIS. Here is the news announcement from the Los Angeles Times: “Turkey has long been a reluctant partner in the U.S.-led campaign against Islamic State militants. Since…

Israel Punishing Syria for Russian S300 Sale


Israel’s broad air assault on Syria has nothing to do with retaliation, no more than the massive assault on Gaza had anything to do with Hamas rocket assaults on Israeli villages, assaults confirmed only by Israeli sources. There is a real purpose to the timing of…

US, Turkey Ignore Russian Warning, Move into Syria


Turkey and the United States have jointly decided to move into Syria, daring Russia to respond. The US and Turkey have dropped all references to protecting refugees, always a very hard to sell fantasy based on Turkey’s long history of persecuting minorities…

Obama’s Iran Speech and the “Gang of Ten”


This week, President Obama addressed the nation and world, making his case against attempts to block the 5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran. As an American political analyst with over 40 years’ experience, I was asked by several overseas and foreign…

Vital Obama Decision on Syria Bombing “Hoaxed”


The United States has been performing air strikes inside Syria for many months now with a singular lack of success. Thus, today’s announcement that something has changed, that the US will now be defending the fighters they recently trained inside Turkey…

The Deadly Turkish Deception


Today, all 28 NATO nations agreed to back Turkey in what is claimed to be their war on ISIS, four years late and likely to inflame the long predicted apocalypse. Erdogan, citing terror attacks has entered on a path of terrorism and mayhem now “NATO certified” as a just…

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