Gordon Duff

The Terrible Truth Behind President Biden’s COVID Investigation


On May 26, 2016, US President Joseph Biden ordered America’s intelligence agencies to investigate the origin of COVID 19 and to report to him within 90 days. Simply put, this order is, minimally, a two-edged sword, one that could drive international tensions or, if carried out as stated, something the US has never done before…

COVID as a Bioweapon, Hard Questions from Behind Closed Doors


Analysis of the worldwide COVID pandemic by a team of former intelligence officials from a number of nations has been ongoing for since January 2020. Findings are reported to clients under the highest security. Even the names of the clients are highly classified. A number of things are tracked and assessed using open-source material…

I Can’t Stand It, the Assad OPCW Fantasy is Giving me Gas


There is only so much stupid one can take and still survive. What I am talking about, of course, is the “controversy” over allegation that Syria has used poison gas against “its own people.” Let me begin with a “slam dunk” and then we can move on to simple screaming. OK, here’s the situation on the ground. Syrian troops, trained and supplied with the best weapons in the world…

“Without Remorse” Peddling Lies and Hate for Amazon


In 1943, a Hollywood film was made depicting the courage of Russian partisans fighting Nazi Germany in World War II. Directed by Louis Milestone, who had also directed the anti-war classic, All Quiet on the Western Front, the script was written by Lillian Hellman. However, the version of that film I saw, growing up during the Cold War, had a different message. Most confusingly…

The Nasty Secrets Behind Pentagon Treason and America’s Rogue Nuclear Threat


We will begin with a short and painless history lesson. Just before the US entered World War II, General George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff for the US Army, was tasked with getting America ready for war. To do so, he removed 30,000 incompetent officers, most of them West Point Graduates, from their positions with the Army…

One Minute Before the Chauvin Verdict, Another Cop Murder?


Americans, and those who follow America’s endless circus of police violence, woke up on April 21, 2021 to another police bodycam of the killing of a black teenager. A white police officer, who was called to an altercation at a private home with foster care children, leapt out his car, as the video shows, screaming and shoots a 15-year-old girl 4 times. He does this 3 seconds after…

The Nasty Truth About America’s Love Affair with Narcissism and Self Pity


There is a saying, “the crazy people have taken over the asylum.” They did that in the United States in 2016, a nation ruled by grifters, petty criminals and the delusional. The sane and decent became the “silent majority” as the not just America but the world learned that the darkness of the American soul depicted so often by Hollywood…

The Brutal Truth About the New World Order in the Middle East


One thing is obvious as we enter the spring (northern hemisphere) of 2021. Israel with the help of Saudi Arabia and aided by a United States deemed too politically crippled to formulate a balanced foreign policy, plan to destroy Lebanon and Jordan, turning them into bases of power to stand against what they see as rising Iranian influence. The Biden administration did not choose…

The Nasty Truth About COVID 19


An independent classified study of COVID 19 raises the strong possibility that the global pandemic was manufactured in order to serve multiple agendas favoring malign interests, financial, military, the pharmaceutical industry and dangerous political extremists. The world as it exists at the onset of spring 2021 (Northern Hemisphere) may well be no accident…

America’s Despicable ‘Dark War’ on the Syrian People


The US is engaged in a war in Syria, no secret to anyone there, it has been going on for a long time. Unlike other US wars, started after 9/11 ostensibly to root out those chosen to be blamed for 9/11, the US is in Syria to save the Syrian people from being subjugated by ISIS. But the US never leaves and as ISIS seems to disappear, the US keeps bringing more and more troops…

A Dangerous America for a Dangerous Time


The world largely stopped trusting America under Trump, with some exceptions, certainly Israel and Saudi Arabia. Even with Trump gone, the fear of Trump returning is pushing nations like Iran into a negotiating stance on the JCPOA nuclear deal that is looking increasingly hopeless. Europe is certainly terrified of the possible return of Trump…

Sputnik V Should be the Platform for a Russian-American Detente


America is in trouble and, quite possibly, a huge purchase of Sputnik V vaccine by President Biden is the only way of bailing America out. 500,000 Americans are dead or will be when this is published. Worse still, up to 2 million Americans with what would have been treatable conditions are likely to die from lack of medical care from cancer…

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