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Gordon Duff

A Day in the War for Reality

If you live in the United States, every day you wrestle with hopelessness and disappointment.  The media has gone insane, and it is that same media, of course, that is your only source for information on how Americans are responding to the sickening lies. We call this a “Catch 22.” I woke up today to a Norwegian news story that detailed Russia’s massive underground child torture chambers just…

The Dark Occult World Behind Ukraine

World events have abandoned any concept of reason or reality.  Nuclear war is now seen by many, perhaps most, as inevitable.  Insanity and injustice are flourishing and humanity will either end or the mechanisms that make up our world as we know it must grind to a halt. No side even cares to bring God into the equation anymore.  Third Reich occultism is reborn in not just Ukraine…

150 Days of War and Deceit


Few understand much about the Ukraine War. The Neocon staged coup in 2014 and the subsequent war, Ukrainian gangsters and NATO against the civilian population of the two regions that refused to accept the NATO takeover, was systematically eradicated from all reporting. Israel has used this same method, broad control of the press while comfortably engaging in decades…

Russia and Israeli Exceptionalism


After years of indiscriminate bombing of Syrian infrastructure by Israel, it was reported, in mid-May 2022 that Russia fired a “warning shot” S-300 missile “near” Israeli planes. These planes were attacking a military facility near Latakia and, as is generally the case, collateral damage, meaning dead civilians, are the norm. In fact, I just received an intelligence report out of Amman, Jordan stating…

The Nasty Truth About 2022’s ‘Engineered War’ on Humanity


It’s called “liberalism.” It denotes the self-ordained task taken on by adherents to “liberate” others, even if it means death or a lifetime of slavery. The West’s been “liberating” folks for a long time, often with a bible in one hand and a machine gun in another. Taken at face value, the current struggles in the world are based on struggles for individual liberty as described…

The Fraud of Modern Western History


The oligarchs that took control of the United States in the 1880s onward, almost all poorly educated, most mentally unfit and all morally destitute built the mechanisms that made proxy war with Russia possible. Today, we are going to learn the real roots of the CIA and the lie machine that threatens to set mankind on an evolutionary slide. With shocking ease…

The Nasty Truth About America’s War on Pakistan’s Free Government


A series of strange facts came together in early April, stunning Washington insiders but totally censored by the press and White House. Arrests of two foreign nationals were made for penetrating the Secret Service details used to protect President Biden, his wife Jill and Vice President Harris.  Agents were “put on leave.” There are…

Ukraine’s Nazi Legions a Real Threat to America and the World


Self-proclaimed political scientists give us definitions of Naziism. A real definition is quite different and easily discerned as accurate. Naziism: A falsely deemed “political movement” typically organized and controlled by criminal elites. Naziism is based on black propaganda formulas that exploit ethic, racial and class hatreds to weaponize population…

Ukrainian War Lies Expose Frightening Reality Shift


The utter insanity of the Western Media at the outset of the Ukraine War, name calling, using video game footage to prove atrocities, ploys that grew up during the War on Terror, has created a reality shift that cannot be easily corrected. Today, tens of millions of Americans and similar numbers from NATO countries including Turkey and Canada, know there is absolutely…

Exposing the Very Secret World of Prohibited Bioweapons


This week, writing as of the 2nd week of March 2022, the United States will reach 1 million dead from COVID 19. This disease, according to, not so much facts, but rather the tired acceptance of corrupt press and a public sated with conspiracy theories, is the “Kung Flu.” As with false narratives, and there are so many, it all began with the Chinese love of “bat soup…

The Nasty Truth Behind 2020’s ‘World War’


What I am writing here I have been warned against. As we move toward the last full week of February 2020, we are told that the world is at the brink of a war. But who believes this? Certainly, anyone reading the Western media, you know the ones, CNN, the BBC, the Guardian, all but Fox News, keep getting the same story. If we listened, and by “we,” I mean the people…

Is Trump behind the Ongoing Tensions between Moscow and Washington?


The world, though not at the edge of war, is closer than any time in many decades, all over the US intention to bring Ukraine into NATO, something most historians believe runs counter to US assurances given Russia so many years ago. However, we will examine a somewhat different hypothesis. The Trump regime’s relationship…

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