Gordon Duff

The Nasty Truth About Covid 19


During the last half of March, a dozen or more massive Russian air transports have landed in Italy in order to save that nation from a very real devastating pandemic. We note also that the aircraft had to be routed an extra 2500 miles because of a NATO/Poland block on use of airspace even for a humanitarian mission on behalf of a fellow NATO member. Let us begin with hard truths. COVID 19 is…

COVID 19, Exposing the Very Worst of America


On the evening of March 10, 2020, US President Donald Trump made a speech few would forget. His demeanor was bizarre, his speech halting, confused and his words often hesitant and contradictory. Few knew that many that Trump and his daughter Ivanka had met with at their Mar-a-Lago retreat, including the president of Brazil, would come down…

COVID 19, an Engineered Pandemic?


The current coronavirus, COVID 19, is disrupting economies, travel and daily life across the entire planet. It has erased up to 10% of the financial liquidity of nations like the United States, albeit temporarily, and the worst is yet to be seen. Behind this grim story is something more sinister. COVID 19 not just “may well have been” engineered as a biological…

The Darkness Behind the Democratic Primary Race


Nothing read in or out of the US remotely resembles real politics in the US. The first issue, of course is the statement continually repeated by the corrupt and ignorant that both parties are the same. The GOP represents the Deep State and always has. It is the part of poisoned food, low wages, police surveillance, pollution, private prison, banking scams, soaring…

Beyond RussiaGate: Americans No Longer to Back Deep State Eternal War


America is pushing for a shooting war with Russia over Syria. Though the US is unlikely to support Turkey against Russia and Syria, eventually America’s illegal enclaves in Syria will be addressed, first by a popular uprising now taking root but military action will follow. This military action by the US will be like nothing before, a war…

Turkey, So Much We Aren’t Being Told


Despite every effort to mediate over the increase in violence in Idlib, it has become clear that Turkey’s root intentions are to retain, or attempt to retain, Syrian territory it has long coveted. To do this, Turkey, as the other Sochi Agreement partners, Iran and Russia, see it, has failed to keep its word. Turkey has clearly failed to separate terrorists recognized as such…

Armageddon, Determinism and Rage


Analysts apply theories to interpret events, to forecast, to influence and even to warn.  Behind this is determinism, the theory that all events are inexorable, the result of causations independent of human foible. Determinists rule our century, we bask in their hubris and ignorance.  When their theories fail, a new algorithm applied to fake data is turned to, and the descent…

“Mobbed up” American Policy, the Global Shakedown


Those who accept the policies of the Trump administration, cancellation of the JCPOA with Iran, seizing oil fields in Syria, endless sanctions on nation after nation, Europe blackmailed, endless threats emanating almost hourly from Trump’s iPhone as “national policy” or even criminally deranged is simply not paying attention. There is a method, and it isn’t the…

The Nasty Secret Behind Aramco, ISIS and Trump in Syria


The Saudi Arabian oil company, Aramco, is now hiring oil workers throughout Deir Ezzor Province inside Syria as part of a joint effort, nominally with an unknown American entity and with full partnership with both ISIS and the United States Army. Thousands of unemployed Syrian engineers and oil workers are being asked…

Pompeo: New US Policy Authorized Drones Strikes on Russian, Chinese Leaders

NEO COLLAGE - pompeo

President Trump, and not obliquely, has put the assassination of Vladimir Putin “on the table” as part of a new policy, one at direct odds with both American and international law.  This isn’t just a broad policy against those Washington deems enemies, but Russia was specifically listed as a target for highest level assassinations…

BC: Social Psychopathy and Tyranny

G740 bw

Something spoken of only in whispers is talk of a military coup in Washington. Few are aware of the factions in America’s military such as “Dominionists” who run the Air Force or did until former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Chairman JCOS Marty Dempsey “eliminated them.” You see, since the 1980s, religious extremism took root in America’s service…

New Facts Change Everything, the Sickening Truth About Why Iran “Schooled” America


Information has come to light that indicts the United States not just for the Soleimani killing but also for the over 300 killings during the Iraqi protests in late 2019. In fact, it can be proven that the United States not only organized the protests but also is responsible for killing protestors as well, hundreds of them…

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