Gordon Duff

Lies and Censorship, a Second Pandemic


On April 6, 2020, the University of Manchester published a paper titled COVID-19 Disinformation: Two Short Reports on the Russian Dimension. That paper focused on highly funded disinformation programs, some funded by the EU and/or UK governments seemingly tasked with censoring or crushing media that strayed from the official “party line.” “The EU’s main task force…

Pandemic Exposes US as Only Bioweapons Superpower


The pandemic of 2020 has exposed a gangrenous limb, the stench of which has only been hidden through and equally exposes gangrenous strangling of truth. The US military currently runs biological laboratories, some funded through USAID, some tied to universities and other groups, across the US and around the world. These laboratories are funded…

Will COVID Crack America’s Racist Egg?


In early May 2020, a former police officer living in Brunswick, Georgia, a rural town just north of the Florida state line, aided by his son, ambushed and killed a 25-year-old African American jogger. This incident isn’t unique, as we will see, but it tells a different story now than it would have at other times in America’s violent history. The weeks of lockdown across…

Lying and Dying, the Deception Game Around the Pandemic


We’re heading to the other side of the mirror, to that area between fabricated truth and the lies that lie hidden. Spoiler alert! We begin with the inexplicable and a thinly veiled accusation. It is possible and perhaps very likely, even extremely likely, that information about the real nature of COVID 19 and how it kills is being withheld because the truth destroys…

America: Send Food, We’re Starving!


The report below is from The Guardian, a British paper. No such report has been made in any American paper though local television coverage has been extensive. No national coverage is allowed. America, you see, is under broad censorship. From The Guardian: “Food banks across the US are under widespread and growing pressure as they cope…

The Geopolitical Consequences of COVID-19: Over the Cliff


On the evening of Saturday, April 18, 2020, the forty thousandth (40,000) “presumed COVID 19 death,” according to new CDC guidelines occurred. Where death only affects the few, the misinformation, withheld or suppressed data, the lies, the propaganda and censorship are making things worse. Thus, we turn to the format of a loose intelligence briefing as the infectious…

Did America Just Confess to a COVID 19 Bio-War?


Is it safe and reliable to use methodologies taken from intelligence analysts when looking for responsible parties? If a publication like the New York Times publishes a “pointed” misdirection piece, it is safe to assume, based on how outlandish the article is, that intent can be determined, based on analysis, intent, of course, to deceive? “Deception and cover” are…

How Organized Crime is Spreading COVID 19 and Raking in Cash


Whether by plan or accident, the US government, really Jared Kushner and Vice President Pence, both political operatives with a long history of self-dealing, has engineered the disastrous spread of COVID 19 in the US, linked to what can only be termed “racketeering.” Policies totally at odds with normal medical authorities, hand in hand with…

COVID and the Terror of Uncertainty


There are two worlds, in a way never before imagined, one of people and jobs, of life and experience, the other a shadowy world of deceit and terrorism. As the month of March 2020 comes to an end and April begins, the entire planet is being tested. As expected, as promised as any idiot might guess, political leadership has failed and the organizations intended…

The Nasty Truth About Covid 19


During the last half of March, a dozen or more massive Russian air transports have landed in Italy in order to save that nation from a very real devastating pandemic. We note also that the aircraft had to be routed an extra 2500 miles because of a NATO/Poland block on use of airspace even for a humanitarian mission on behalf of a fellow NATO member. Let us begin with hard truths. COVID 19 is…

COVID 19, Exposing the Very Worst of America


On the evening of March 10, 2020, US President Donald Trump made a speech few would forget. His demeanor was bizarre, his speech halting, confused and his words often hesitant and contradictory. Few knew that many that Trump and his daughter Ivanka had met with at their Mar-a-Lago retreat, including the president of Brazil, would come down…

COVID 19, an Engineered Pandemic?


The current coronavirus, COVID 19, is disrupting economies, travel and daily life across the entire planet. It has erased up to 10% of the financial liquidity of nations like the United States, albeit temporarily, and the worst is yet to be seen. Behind this grim story is something more sinister. COVID 19 not just “may well have been” engineered as a biological…

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