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Eric Draitser

HRW: Human Rights Watch or Hypocritical Representatives of Washington? (Part 2)

As I noted in Part 1 of this article, Human Rights Watch (HRW) is an integral part of the West’s…

HRW: Human Rights Watch or Hypocrites Representing Washington (Part 1)


Unlike previous centuries and epochs, modern warfare is not restricted solely to the battlefield. Rather, it extends into the information sphere where the dissemination of propaganda and the construction of narratives are of equal importance…

The Propaganda and Politics of MH17

The downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 (MH17) is a tragedy that will be remembered for years to come. However,…

Legislating the Way to World War 3?

The US Congress is doing its part to escalate the tensions with Russia over Ukraine and a host of other…

The Politics of Terrorism in Pakistan

Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a long awaited report this week on the ongoing violence and killings of Shia Hazara…

The Strange Case of Nouri al-Maliki

While the world’s attention has been fixated on the rapid advance and conquering of territory by ISIS/ISIL in Iraq, a…

The Truth of Libya (Finally) Goes Mainstream

More than three years after the US and its NATO allies unleashed an “intervention” and regime change in Libya, the…

Benghazi, the CIA, and the War in Libya

The unfolding violence and chaos in Libya’s second city of Benghazi should be understood as a power struggle between competing…

US Hypocrisy in Ukraine and Syria

The violence being unleashed on civilians and self-defense forces in the east of Ukraine by the authorities in Kiev constitutes…

The Face of Empire in Latin America (Part 1)

In his landmark post-colonial work Culture and Imperialism, the world renowned public intellectual and critical theorist Edward Said wrote, “Just…

The Unraveling of Ukraine

The Kiev regime’s deadly assault on cities in the East and South of Ukraine in recent days has opened a…

Bye Bye Bandar

The recent dismissal of Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan is a significant development in the region, but not…

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