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Eric Draitser

Europe and the Politics of Russian Gas

The recent announcement of a lucrative new gas contract between Hungary and Russia is certainly beneficial to both countries. Perhaps…

Minsk II: Derailed Before the Ink Was Dry

When the Minsk II agreement was officially announced on February 12, 2015, there was, for the first time in many…

5 Reasons Why Leftists Should Defend Russia

As tensions between the US and Russia have increased in the last year, so too has the polarization of public…

On War Crimes and Double Standards in Ukraine

The Western media has been abuzz in recent days with the claim that videos posted to youtube, which show Ukrainian…

Turkey, Terrorism, and the Global Proxy War

While the world’s attention has been fixed on France in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings, the subsequent manhunt,…

South Africa and the Politics of Working Class Struggle

Despite receiving almost no attention in the international press, South Africa has once again become the scene of an all-important…

Azerbaijan: Subversion and the Possibility of Realignment

Part 1 of this article examined the nature of Azerbaijan’s political and economic development since the end of the Soviet…

Ukraine’s Thieves and Nazis: From ‘Russian Propaganda’ to Parliament

With the final votes being counted in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, early results show an unsurprisingly strong showing for the country’s…

Azerbaijan and the Geopolitical Chessboard

With the collapse of the Soviet Union nearly twenty five years ago, the political and strategic orientation of its former…

Iran and the Proxy War in Kurdistan

In the midst of the war against ISIS (Islamic State) now taking place in both Iraq and Syria, a possible…

ISIS, Turkey, and the Propaganda of Intervention

Today’s headlines are filled with reports of the imminent fall of the Syrian city of Kobani to forces of the…

Pakistan’s ‘Long March’: Democracy or Politics as Usual? (Part 1)

In Pakistan, the “Long March” – a major protest led by opposition politicians calling for the resignation of the government…

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