Eric Draitser

Has Turkey Become a Fascist State?


Seventy years after the defeat of Nazi Germany, fascism has reemerged with a vengeance. This resurgence can be seen all over Europe and the former Soviet bloc, perhaps most notably in Ukraine where Nazism masquerading as nationalist patriotism has effectively…

Western Media Hype ‘Russian Aggression’ in Syria


From Washington to the western media, everyone has been talking about reports of potential Russian ‘intervention’ in Syria. On the one hand, the proliferation of this meme is a case study in the western propaganda system, as one report is then repeated…

Killing Cecil: Africa Still the West’s Neocolonial Playground


In yet another sickening display of ecocide and neocolonialism, an American dentist has set social media ablaze with his reprehensible killing for sport of Cecil, a majestic lion long since one of the major attractions in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe…

ISIS in Afghanistan: Proxy War against Iran and China


The nature of the war in Afghanistan has shifted dramatically in recent months. While the US and NATO continue to be actively involved in the country – their strategic objectives having changed very little since the Bush administration launched…

The Fake War on ISIS: US and Turkey Escalate in Syria


It is late July 2015, and the media is abuzz with the news that Turkey will allow US jets to use its bases to bomb Islamic State (ISISDahJTkfw targets in Syria. There is much talk about how this development is a “game-changer,” and how this is a clear…

China’s NGO Law: Countering Western Soft Power and Subversion


China has recently taken an important step in more tightly regulating foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOsDahJTkfw inside the country. Despite condemnation from so called human rights groups in the West, China’s move should be understood as a…

The Geopolitics and Economics of the Iran Nuclear Deal


The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreed to in Vienna by the P5+1 countries and Iran is clearly a landmark agreement, one which will significantly alter the political and economic balance of power in the Middle East, as well as the global…

The US-Russia Economic War Heats Up


As the US and Europe push forward with continued sanctions against Russia, an intriguing economic battle is taking shape, one which will have significant repercussions for years to come. While Washington and Brussels seek to divide Russia from Europe in order to…

Saudi Arabia’s War on Yemen Comes Home


When Saudi Arabia launched its war against Yemen in March 2015, it presumed that a short, quick, and clean air war would be enough to degrade the alliance of Houthi forces and those loyal to former President Saleh, thereby giving the Saudi-backed government of…

Eritrea, Human Rights, and Neocolonial Propaganda


The East African country of Eritrea is once again being demonized internationally as a systematic violator of human rights. The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHRDahJTkfw has issued an allegedly damning report…

War on Donbass Resumes, Western Media Remains Silent


The recent shelling of Donetsk and surrounding areas, carried out by Kiev’s military forces, has effectively ended the ceasefire and whatever illusions still remained of the Minsk 2 agreements. While there had been instances of violence before…

‘Human Rights’ and Soft Power in Russia


The news that Lyudmila Alekseyeva, head of the Russian Non-Governmental Organization (NGODahJTkfw the Moscow-Helsinki Group, will be returning to the Presidential Council for Human Rights, has been heralded by many in the liberal establishment in…

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