Dmitry Mosyakov

The Latest Forum on the South China Sea in Russia: In Search of a Road Map


On September 18, Moscow hosted the third international scientific conference on the South China Sea, organized by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This was a milestone for the international…

Local Elections in Cambodia: Wake Up Call for the Ruling Elites?


At the beginning of the month Cambodia hosted local elections that precede parliamentary elections that are scheduled on the summer of 2018. In this context, the role that local elections play in the political life of the country…

Cambodia’s Role in Russia’s South-Eastern Asia Pivot


Today, Russia’s foreign policy in Southeast Asia is getting increasingly centered on both the development of both bilateral ties with all the countries of the region along with establishing good relations with the ASEAN as…

Cambodia – a Thorny Path to Elections


Two years remain until the parliamentary elections in Cambodia. This is a really rather short period considering that the position of the current political regime of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) remains in doubt. Despite…

Countries of Southeast Asia: Squeezed Between Beijing and Washington


Today, the countries of the ASEAN are going through a very difficult period in their history, when their unity, cohesion and prosperity are being challenged as never before. The basic concept of independence of the region…

Permanent Court of Arbitration Decision on the situation in the South China Sea and its Reception


Today, one of the key problems in understanding the future course of events in the conflict in the South China Sea is to identify…

Russia and the Two Roads to the Cooperation with ASEAN


In less than a moth the thrid summit Russia-ASEAN will be held in the city of Sochi. It will mark the twentieth anniversary of partnership between Russia and the countries of this organization. It should be noted that in recent decades…

Conflict That Can Explode at any Given Moment


Today the interest of the international community to the events in the South China Sea has substantially decreased. The situation in Syria and the Middle East in general has ousted reports about the South China Sea from headlines of the world media…

Vietnam and the XII Congress of the Communist Party


The upcoming Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam may become an important milestone in the Vietnam’s modern history. It is becoming increasingly clear that the so-called policy of renovation (Doi Moi in Vietnamese) or, in other words…

The US Grand Strategy is Taking a U-turn


While analyzing the ongoing events of today, one can get a strong impression that Washington’s “puppeteers” have decided to abandon the existing model of international relations and attempt to build a completely new one. The concept of globalization that has been…

New American Front against China

Apparently, at some point, the Burmese generals feared the scope of their growing dependence on China and concerned into renewing…

China is Ready to Support Russia

At the most tense period of currency turbulence in Russia when its enemies were noting with satisfaction that “the country…

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