Dmitry Mosyakov

Burma is at a Crossroads


The events occurring in Burma, where numerous street demonstrations have not subsided against the military, which took power into its own hands on February 1, 2021, continue to attract intense attention. The fact is that although a change from civilian to military power has taken place, it is absolutely unclear how events will further develop: whether the military will be able to retain power…

New Security Threats in East and Southeast Asia


The US-China standoff in South-East Asia threatens to turn into a more dangerous, on the brink of an open war, confrontation: The US has announced that it intends to deploy “high-precision missiles with enhanced survivability” along China’s eastern maritime border.  This project, prepared by the US Indo-Pacific Command, provides for the deployment in the coming years…

Current Situation in South China Sea and Vietnam’s Policy


“We see that, with the changing world order, the rivalry between the current centers of power continues to intensify and so does the battle for leadership in the future.  Unfortunately, the threat posed by the novel Coronavirus has not reduced these geopolitical tensions, exacerbating them instead. We would like to reiterate that that, from our point…

Fight against Coronavirus pandemic in Southeast Asian Countries


At present, we are carefully studying all the aspects of the global responses to the Coronavirus pandemic, the biggest challenge facing humanity in the 21 century.  In our analysis of the current situation, we would particularly like to focus on the way some Southeast Asian nations have responded to and have been fighting…

Second Advent of the US Aircraft Carrier


An outstanding event took place recently in the conflict around the South China Sea. The US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson moored in the Vietnamese port Cam Ranh. The Americans obviously took a triumph lap in this event – once again after the sadly remembered Vietnamese War and…

Concerning the Rivalry Between China and Japan


South-East Asia has now entered into a new phase of its development: the influence of the US administration is waning in the region, and instead, increasingly, the main area of confrontation in the region is the relationship between China and Japan. In an attempt to limit…

The Latest Forum on the South China Sea in Russia: In Search of a Road Map


On September 18, Moscow hosted the third international scientific conference on the South China Sea, organized by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This was a milestone for the international…

Local Elections in Cambodia: Wake Up Call for the Ruling Elites?


At the beginning of the month Cambodia hosted local elections that precede parliamentary elections that are scheduled on the summer of 2018. In this context, the role that local elections play in the political life of the country…

Cambodia’s Role in Russia’s South-Eastern Asia Pivot


Today, Russia’s foreign policy in Southeast Asia is getting increasingly centered on both the development of both bilateral ties with all the countries of the region along with establishing good relations with the ASEAN as…

Cambodia – a Thorny Path to Elections


Two years remain until the parliamentary elections in Cambodia. This is a really rather short period considering that the position of the current political regime of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) remains in doubt. Despite…

Countries of Southeast Asia: Squeezed Between Beijing and Washington


Today, the countries of the ASEAN are going through a very difficult period in their history, when their unity, cohesion and prosperity are being challenged as never before. The basic concept of independence of the region…

Permanent Court of Arbitration Decision on the situation in the South China Sea and its Reception


Today, one of the key problems in understanding the future course of events in the conflict in the South China Sea is to identify…

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