Dmitry Bokarev

Russia and South Korea: a Promising Partnership


The Republic of Korea (ROK) is one of Asian Dragons, i.e. the four nations in Asia whose economies, industrial sectors and research and technology spheres developed rapidly during the second half of the 20th century. Once the Cold War ended, the ROK launched its Northern Policy aimed at forging closer ties with North Korea…

Russia and Africa: A Promising Partnership


Africa is a vast continent, rich in natural and labor resources. For many centuries, it was divided into spheres of influence between powerful European nations. After World War II, the process of decolonization and the emergence of independent African states took place, which the USSR supported while the West stood in opposition. After Cold War ended…

Opportunities for LNG Trade between Japan and Russia


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is currently the most promising type of hydrocarbon product on the market. It became popular as a cleaner alternative to traditional hydrocarbon fuels, as burning natural gas releases less pollution into the atmosphere, and it can be easily transported to any corner of the world in liquefied form, without having to lay a pipeline…

Rosatom in Asia: There is Trust in Russia


The Russian Federation is one of the world’s leaders in the nuclear industry. Its nuclear power plants (NPPs) are renowned for their effectiveness, safety and reasonable costs. These benefits have made nuclear technology supplied by Russia very popular among nations that require large quantities of energy for their needs but that cannot afford to put…

Russia Consolidates its Positions in the Indian Oil and Gas Sectors


Russia is known to be India’s largest defense technology partner. But besides defense, the two states also cooperate in other areas which are no less important, such as oil and gas. India is Asia’s third largest economy and the sixth-largest economy in the world. The country needs…

Economic Cooperation between South Korea and Russia


Russia has for some time now supported the idea of Eurasian integration and the creation of a single economic space in Eurasia. With this aim in mind, the Russian Federation has been collaborating with the nations on the continent in a bilateral format as well as within frameworks of various organizations, such as the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)…

Russia’s Standing in LNG Market


Hydrocarbon fuels are and will continue to be a primary energy source for some years to come. However, concern for the environment and the need for a more effective use of resources have pushed developed countries to switch from fossil fuels such as coal and oil to natural gas. The latter is considered to be a more environmentally…

Northeast Passage: From the Past Into the Future


One strategically important project that Russia is currently working on is the Northeast Passage (NEP). NEP is a route along the northern coast of Eurasia (almost all of it is a part of the Russian Federation) that links the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Russia’s research expedition and commercial vessels began sailing in the seas of the Arctic Ocean in the Middle Ages. As…

Russia and Algeria: Decades of Friendship and Military and Technical Cooperation


Algeria, a large Arab country in North Africa, has had a friendly relationship with the Russian Federation for quite some time. In 1960, during a bloody 8-year war for Algerian independence from France, the Soviet Union recognized the Provisional Government of the Algerian…

Russia’s MAKS-2019 Cements Its Partnership with China and Turkey


The International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS) is an important event where the Russian Federation can demonstrate the might of its military-industrial complex in peaceful times by showcasing its products from the aviation sector. It is the largest aerospace and aviation exhibition in Eastern Europe. MAKS has…

The EAEU Expands Westward


The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was established at the beginning of 2015. The founding member states were Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, joined by Armenia on January 2 and Kyrgyzstan in August 2015. The EAEU has not accepted any new countries as full member states since then, but the Union is open to the possibility of cooperating with countries all around the world, not just countries in Eurasia, and…

International Army Games: a New Form of Military Cooperation


The International Army Games (Armygames) are a unique cross-border event hosted by Russia for a number of years now. Teams of military personnel from different countries compete in various applied military disciplines, such as handling of military equipment, completing obstacle courses, etc. The games…

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