Dmitry Bokarev

Russian-Kazakh Nuclear Energy Cooperation


At the end of February 2016, a group of representatives of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom visited Kazakhstan. The Russian delegation headed by Deputy General Director of Rosatom Vyacheslav Pershukov met with their partners from…

Chinese Environmental Issues: Is There a Way Out?


In recent years, the difficult ecologic situation in China has become an international issue. Decades of industrial and agricultural development, with no attention paid to environmental issues, have driven some regions to the brink of an ecological…

Who Can Restrain China’s Military Ambitions?


For a long time now China has been Asia’s leading economy. Its influence and growing ambitions worry many neighbouring countries. At the same time, in recent years, United States influence in the Asia Pacific region has decreased noticeably. Therefore…

The “New Silk Road” and Belarus


More than two years have passed since the leadership of the People’s Republic of China announced its decision to revive the Silk Road and establish trade routes connecting the countries of the Pacific Rim to the Middle East and Europe. The Republic of Belarus is expected to be…

Chinese Environmental Problems are Taking a Serious Turn for Worse


The recent announcement that heavy smog has triggered an orange level alert in Beijing, the densely populated capital of China, once again drew the attention of the international community to the environmental problems…

Russian-Vietnamese Cooperation Gains Momentum


In mid-December 2015, the First Deputy Chairperson of the Russian Government Igor Shuvalov visited Vietnam. The Russian Vice Prime Minister met the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang, Vice Prime Minister Hoang Chung Hay…

Russia and China in the Nuclear Energy Sector: Cooperation or Competition?


In the wake of the Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi disaster in 2011 many countries decided to reduce, freeze or even drop peaceful atom projects altogether. The Russian Federation…

Is There A Peaceful Nuclear Race Between Russia in China in the Middle East?


Countries in the Middle East are currently paying a great deal of attention to the development of their nuclear programs. It’s understandable why: developing nuclear…

Cyprus is at the Crossroads of the “Civilization Clash”


The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a place where Europe and Asia converge in a struggle for geopolitical influence. Now its importance in the international arena has increased as never before: the war in Syria, attempts at NATO expansion and the Chinese…

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