Dmitry Bokarev

China’s Gas Prospects


One of the most prominent trends observed in the modern hydrocarbons market is that countries involved attempt to reduce their environmental risk while maintaining their energy consumption. This means that priority will be given…

India and Iran: Manoeuvres between East and West


India and Iran used to share quite a warm relationship based on both countries’ religious and cultural similarities, as well as economic cooperation. Back in the day, Iran was ranked third in terms of the volume of the oil supplies…

Is India Leaning West?


In light of the struggle between the USA and PRC for influence in Southeast Asia, which has aggravated in recent years, other major players of the region are acquiring particular importance as they are able to tip the balance in one way or another. The main players in question are the Asian…

China Sets the Tone in Nuclear Energy Now


It should be noted that nuclear energy is one of China’s primary ambitions. The pace with which Beijing develops its nuclear capacities is truly captivating. The first Chinese nuclear power plant started operating back in 1991, and…

Indonesia Opens up New Horizons for Iran in Southeast Asia


On July 24, 2016, Laos hosted a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN member states. At the closing of the meeting, the Islamic Republic of Iran acceded to the organization…

Indonesia’s Nuclear Power Plants and Russia’s Prospects of Getting a Louder Say in ASEAN


Like all countries with rapidly growing economies, Indonesia is experiencing a serious power shortage. As the industry grows, power consumption grows with it, which means that there must…

Tajikistan is Heading East


Most people are ignorant of the fact that Tajikistan is among the top ten richest states in terms of natural minerals. However, the country itself is anything but rich, in spite of massive deposits of coal, precious stones, gold…

Who Will Develop Uranium Deposits of Tajikistan?


The sharp drop in the popularity of nuclear power after the disaster at the Japanese power station, Fukushima-1, turned out to be temporary. Limiting energy consumption is not feasible not least because hydrocarbon energy resources…

Switzerland is Paving the Way to Europe for China


At the beginning of April 2016, Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann went on a trip to China. In the course of his visit, he met with the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping. The parties signed a number of…

Japan: in Search of Energy


Japan, the third world economy, has virtually no gas and oil reserves. The situation is somewhat paradoxical since no country can prosper without oil and gas. Thus, the Land of the Rising Sun has been successfully coping with the situation by importing oil in tankers from the Middle East…

USA and China in the Pacific Rim: What Fate Holds for Japan?


For several years now, the Pacific Rim has been witnessing China’s rise to power with a simultaneous weakening of the US positions. China is slowly, but surely driving Americans out of the region, extending its “area of…

The TAPI Pipeline: Achievements and Obstacles


Six month ago, in December 2015, the town of Mary in Turkmenistan witnessed a long-awaited occurrence significant not only for the country, but for the entire Central Asian region: the launch of the construction of the Turkmen section of TAPI…

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