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Dmitry Bokarev

Western pressure as an incentive for Eurasian integration

As is known, Russia has long been a supporter of the idea of Eurasian integration, and the most actively pursued integration project in Eurasia is the Chinese transport and economic project “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI). The BRI is designed to unite as many states as possible in a single economic space. Almost all African…

How Long Can Indonesia Balance between the PRC and the US?


The global confrontation between the superpowers, the PRC and the US, affects every country in the world in one way or another. However, it primarily affects countries within the direct sphere of influence of competing giants. While the US sphere of influence is geographically fragmented and may include African and Asian countries…

New Zealand on its Way to Phasing Out Non-renewable Energy Sources


Today, New Zealand is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. This is not only due to the very low population density and the predominantly agricultural-oriented economy, but also to the fact that the operation of thermal power plants is severely restricted by legislation aimed at protecting…

China’s Long String of Aviation Industry Successes


In 1951, the young People’s Republic of China decided to develop its own aviation industry. The Aviation Industry Administration Commission was established, which by now has evolved into the state-owned AVIC megacorporation. As a result of more than half a century of work, China has built an aircraft industry that is almost independent of foreign supplies, and…

Washington Splits Asia in Two


The modern world is torn by contradictions: the US and its allies, accustomed to global domination, seek to maintain and expand their position at the expense of the interests of other countries, leading to crises and conflicts. In the Middle East, wars have been raging for decades, and in Europe, fighting has broken out in Ukraine. Peace has so far prevailed in East Asia, but the situation in the region…

South Africa and the Special Military Operation in Ukraine


Relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of South Africa, which have always been cordial, are now being put to the test. This is due to the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. Many countries around the world are engaged in a public debate about Russia’s actions. South Africa, considered one of the leading nations on the African continent…

The Collective Security Treaty Organization – Guarding the Southern Borders of the CIS


Following the launch of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, the Russian and international media reports on Russian military issues have focused mainly on the war in Ukraine. There has been much less interest in other important issues involving the Russian military, including Russia’s involvement in the Collective Security…

Why is Eritrea Supporting Russia?


After the Russian Federation launched a special military operation to de-Nazify Ukraine, there have been quite a few participants in the international community who turned out to be ready to openly support the Kremlin. A new force has appeared among those that always approve of Russia’s actions (Belarus, Syria, and North Korea) – a small state on the African continent…

Thailand’s Tourism Industry and Russia’s Vacation Season Amid International Sanctions


The COVID-19 pandemic, which swept the world in 2020, hit all sectors of the economy, but tourism was possibly hit the hardest. Tourism was the first to suffer from quarantine restrictions, as it is directly dependent on the freedom of international communication and yet is not a strategically important industry for most states…

What is Preventing the Conflict between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan from Escalating?


Conflicts between Tajik and Kyrgyz border guards frequently break on the border between the two nations, and civilians living in nearby settlements end up suffering as a result. The main reason for the conflicts is the fact that in certain regions the border is not clearly defined, making it impossible to determine where…

Iran-Armenia Relations Continue to Strengthen


The Republic of Armenia occupies an extremely difficult geopolitical position. To the east it is bordered by Azerbaijan, with which Armenia has conflictual relations because of the unresolved territorial dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh, ongoing since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. To the west, it is flanked by Turkey, which is friendly towards Azerbaijan and actively…

Russia Revives “Winged” Shipping


When it comes to Russia’s high-tech exports, one usually thinks of either military, space-related or nuclear products. It is these technologies that the Russian Federation is primarily known for. But there are other sectors, closer to ordinary civilians around the world, in which Russia has impressive achievements, and it is willing to share these achievements…

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