Deena Stryker

How the Middle Kingdom is Bringing Down the Greatest Empire


Americans need to stop equivocating and admit that China is in a payback situation vis a vis the Western world that abused it for centuries. As a geographic point of comparison, after bringing war to both Asia and the United States, the other major Pacific power, Japan benefitted from America’s determination to spread neo-liberal ‘democracy…

American Fascism


A couple of years ago I compared Hitler’s march to fascist power and that in the US. The pusillanimity of America’s progressives, who make up the bulk of the Democratic Party Their inability to make free health care for all the law of the land The party’s continued cosiness with the military-industrial complex Its supine acceptance of the Executive Presidency American…

One World Under Corona?


The American Pledge of Allegiance ends with the words: “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Two and a half centuries after its drafting, few Americans realize that it is only by working with other countries that they can maintain that aspiration. After more than fifty thousand American deaths and three million victims worldwide, I’m hoping that MSNBC’s outstanding anchor…

COVID-19: The Ultimate Irony


While we haven’t yet seen survivors of a nuclear attack being turned away from bunkers, the current version of NIMBY consists of countries refusing to let cruise ships with Corona Virus passengers on board permission to dock. Supplies are parachuted onto their decks in a new version of the 1948 Berlin Airlift, and fuel is delivered by plane. Unlike those 1914 passengers who danced on, oblivious that they…

An Increasing Great Fear


In 1963, around the time of my first conversations with Fidel Raul, Che and the other members of the then Cuban government, a New York writer named John Gerassi published a book whose title I would never forget: The Great Fear detailed the inevitable rise of what was at the time referred to as The Third World, dovetailing perfectly with the Cuban Revolution (which Gerassi also wrote aboutDahJTkfw…

Presidents and Their People


American Presidents pay a great deal of attention to the way other presidents treat their people: they still remind their voters that Joseph Stalin sent them to Siberia, having accused Syria’s President Assad of raining down chemical poisons in his struggle against Islamic terrorists. Recently the president of oil rich Venezuela has been blamed for mismanaging the oil that allows him to feed his…

The Saudi Door to a Multi-Polar World


The recent agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia to cut oil production is reported by the US media only as it affects American shale production and the price of various grades of oil on the global market, overlooking an important signal: When the country that for nearly a century has been the principle source of US oil investments joins….

Humanity: Coming Together, Then Breaking Apart


A dozen years ago I acquired a fascinating book titled The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine by James Lovelock, one of the earliest scientists to warn against global warming. Lovelock likened the globe to a living body, and his graphics made real the theories I had learned by studying the limits to growth and systems analysis. Two films have dramatized…

Going Down with the Ship


The mightiest Empire ever to have existed is being brought down by a bug. Aesop had nothing to say about this, but someone out there will know whether the situation is unique. (I breathed a sigh of relief upon learning that the former British Foreign Secretary, one of the ubiquitous Cameron brothers, is heading the International Relief Center for the Corona Response in camps where refugees from…

Covid 19: The Ultimate Foreign Affair


A media that justifies its failure to cover the world by claiming that Americans are ‘not interested’ in foreign affairs, now mocks Trump supporters for repeating his claim that Covid 19 is a ‘Chinese’ virus, a ‘foreign’ problem they need not worry about. It also criticizes China for having an authoritarian regime, WITHOUT admitting its superiority when it comes to meeting…

Wall Street Whacked by Boot Straps


The Trump administration is discovering with astonishment that the Corona Virus cannot be defeated without a robust social structure. Although Bernie Sanders has not gotten the votes he expected for his comprehensive social programs in the recent elections for delegates to the Democratic Convention, a virus from China — our economic challenger — suddenly illuminated…

Bringing Down the City on a Hill


Never mind Bernie Sanders, pundits are mentioning Andrew Yang’s plan to GIVE every American $1000 a month as the US contemplates the Wall Street fall-out from the Corona Virus – although, due to a lack of testing materials, only 500 cases have been reported in the US. How would a ‘democratic’ government handle 5000 cases? Two Senators have self-quarantined…

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