Deena Stryker

Leaders of the World, Unite!


Ever since Marx and Engels got together almost two hundred years ago to try to protect the people who were building the modern world, largely with their bare hands, the slogan of the Communist Manifesto of 1848, ’Workers of the World, Unite,” has increasingly become reality. Trade unions and other worker organizations have close cross-border relationships…

BC: To the Moon!

2 bnd

Africa’s demand for water is set to rise by 300% by 2040. Plans to tow a giant iceberg could provide a year’s worth of water to Cape Town. Israel goes for desalination. These headlines spell out current concerns over climate change. But by 2007 according to Jim Hansen, who blew the whistle on global warming, world leaders had recognized that were not going to make it here…

Something is Afoot in the US


….and it’s bigger than Iran. Yesterday when President Trump gave his statement about Iran’s attack on a US military base in Iraq, I thought he sounded a bit winded, but told myself I was imagining things until a commentator mockingly mentioned it. This allows me to suggest that Trump was strong-armed into the assassination of a man revered…

The Crucial Fact Regarding Iran


As the world waits to see whether World War III is inevitable, one major fact continues to be missing from up-to-the-minute news reports: Iran (and North Korea) are the last remaining avatars of the ‘Communist threat’ that has kept the world on edge for a hundred years. Although never mentioned, while they have adopted liberal economic systems, neither Russia and China have abandoned…

The United States of Investigations


Given that the second branch of the US government is the ‘legislative’ branch, it is no surprise that qualifications for joining that body give pride of place to a degree in law. And yet, it is unlikely that the framers’ — as those who wrote the Constitution are referred to — ever imagined the lengths to which representatives would go…

The US Media Wakes Up — Too Late


Now that the impeachment trial of Donald Trump scheduled for early next year is expected to result in acquittal, the most ‘progressive’ media (MSNBC) fears that the man who thrusts his chin out like Mussolini could not only be re-elected, but may be anticipating an illegal third term. Trump has often warned that his base could resort to arms…

Naval Gazing in Washington as the World Implodes


Of all the recent ironies, the greatest is the contrast between a Congress mesmerized by the impeachment process against President Donald J Trump and the state of the world which the US — as indispensable nation — still claims it must lead. A media that knows ‘which side its toast is buttered on’ analyses an unchanging series of events day after day, as Congress…

Trump Drops Bomb, Media Ignores


As his impeachment moved forward, in a morning press conference in London this week, Donald Trump mentioned casually that he and Vladimir Putin are discussing the elimination of nuclear weapons. Although this should put a major crimp in the foreign policy establishment’s all-pervading Russophobia, the US media (including Fox…

Macron Seizes the Initiative


I’ve been tracking the rise of France’s 40 year old president since he took office in 2017, referring to himself as a Jupiterian figure. From the start, it was difficult to condemn his self-aggrandizement because of his intelligence and his ability to command attention,and now it’s clear that he is implementing his ambition of becoming the leader of twenty-first century…

Trump’s Demise and US-Russia Peril


Washington’s endless navel-gazing obscures the security benefits to be derived from Trump’s impeachment, in particular the potential avoidance of nuclear war. Let’s unpack that seemingly bizarre statement: Traditionally, when a country is weakened from within, enemies seize the moment to attack. And yet…

Venice Says it All


Governments across the globe have been as ineffective in meeting the needs of their citizens as Italy was in preventing Venice, its crown jewel, from flooding. In 2003, as water levels began to rise across the globe, the Italian city’s government initiated an ambitious engineering project to protect its hundred plus islands from flooding. Sixteen years later, cost overruns have…

BC: The World Passes the US By


Now that RT is no longer available on television in Philadelphia, I watch more France 24 than before, when I divided my TV-watching between those two and MSNBC. The difference in offerings never ceases to amaze me, but while ‘Putin’s bullhorn’ tended to focus on non-typical Russian subjects and Americas failings, France’s English language channel…

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