Christopher Black

Minsk–2: A Rotting Corpse


The Minsk-2 ceasefire agreement is dead but no one wants to bury the rotting corpse. Since it was signed in February of this year the Donbas governments and Russia have bent over backward to comply with the terms of that agreement hoping against hope that the Kiev junta…

The Iranian Debacle


Many commentators in the west have welcomed the results of the Iranian surrender on the nuclear issue as a victory for the BRICS, as a sign of the weakened position of the United States, and as a win-win deal for Iran and those who forced it to its knees. Thousands of…

Report From Moscow: Urgent Issues of International Law


On July 10th this writer had the honour of participating in a unique event that took place in the stunningly beautiful Reception House of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. In a chamber of white marble walls and glittering chandeliers, dozens of…

Abrupt Climate Change and The Failure of Democracy


The deadly and destructive effects of abrupt climate change continue to be felt across the planet and still the response of national governments is to do nothing except issue press releases expressing sympathy for the victims and empty promises of…

Russian Embassy Attack: Terrorism Or Act of War?

On Tuesday, May 19th the Russian consulate in Damascus suffered another attack by NATO proxy forces trying to overthrow the…

May 9th: Russian Victory, NATO Defeat

On February 2nd, 1943, the 6th German Army, under the command of Field Marshall Von Paulus, and elements of the…

Western Moral Bankruptcy and the New “Eastern” Hope

Spring has arrived in the north but the flowers poking their heads above the warming ground do not bring smiles…

UN In Ukraine: Peacekeepers or Nato Trojan Horse?

The same day that the March 4th deadline was reached for political steps to be taken to ameliorate the situation…

Nato War Propaganda: A Danger to World Peace

The reaction of the media in the Nato countries to the murder of Boris Nemtsov reveals the next phase of…

Canada’s Russian Sanctions And The Matrix of Empire

Canada, once again playing the role of court jester to America’s imperial throne, has announced the same set of new…

Minsk: The Way Forward?

The Minsk ceasefire agreement announced on the 12th February must be considered in the context of the concrete reality of…

NATO: 3 Minutes to Midnight

It is with astonishment that one reads the news today, February 2nd, that the Russian air defence forces are holding…

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