Christopher Black

The Copenhagen Summit for Democracy; The New Nazis


On May 10-11 a conference was presented by the “Alliance of Democracies” in Copenhagen that claimed to “unite free peoples” against authoritarianism, to promote the rule of law, to advance the “technological control of democracy,” freedom of expression and US leadership. It was heralded as a forum for guests to hear from prominent individuals…

Biden, The Killer President


On March 18th President Biden made the absurd accusation that President Putin is “a killer,” an insult not only to President Putin, but to all of Russia. On April 18, the Belarus KGB and Russian FSB revealed that they had exposed a plot, set in motion on Biden’s orders, to murder President Lukashenko of Belarus along with numerous officials, officers and family members, to stage a right wing coup…

The New START Treaty; Hopes and Realities


On February 3, five days after President Putin signed the legislation, ratified by the State Duma, extending the NEW START treaty for five years the United States Secretary of State Blinken announced that the USA has also formally agreed to extend the Treaty. This is a positive move for anyone who wants to see nuclear arms reduced and then finally…

US Pressure on China; The Thai Connection


The change of guard in the American White House has proved that nothing has changed from the Trump regime with respect to US foreign policy. President Biden and his party continue the American propaganda attacks on Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and other nations that try to march to their own tune, and will continue preparations for aggressive actions focused…

The War On Iran


On January 3 of last year, the Americans murdered Iranian Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, among others, who had helped defeat the Daesh forces that were unleashed by the Americans on Iraq and Syria.  Within hours the Iranian forces struck back with a missile attack on American bases in Iraq causing heavy damage to the American base at Ain Al-Assad in western Iraq and causing…

All Wars Must End!


“All Wars Must End.” That is the message sent to US military forces on November 13 buy the Acting Secretary of Defence, Christopher Miller. This statement of a truism, a noble sentiment if construed as a general statement, and if followed by its corollary, “and no more must begin,” has disturbed both civilian and military circles in the USA and even caused ripples in Russia. Standing on its own…

Walking Into A Nuclear Nightmare


The world faces the very real prospect of a nuclear war. That this can be said after a century of world and regional wars, most of them begun or instigated by the USA and its puppet states, and 75 years after the United Nations was created to ensure that world wars could never happen again, reveals the complete moral bankruptcy of the west. For the threat of nuclear…

Hagia Sophia: Religion As Politics


Sultan Abdul Hamid II, in the face of a rising secular nationalism in the late 1800s, that culminated in the Young Turk movement, tried to restore the influence of the Ottoman Empire among Islamic nations and the Empire’s many peoples by stressing the importance of Islam and the Ottoman Caliphate, of the role of the Ottomans as the protectors of Islam…

Putin, On Historical Revisionism And Its Dangers


Erasmus wrote in his famous work, In Praise of Folly, that ‘man’s mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth’. He could have added that telling falsehoods is the habitual practice of cowards afraid of the power of truth; for such is the state of the world that telling people lies about the world and history to maintain…

Open Skies And The Will For Peace


“I transmit herewith, for the advice and consent of the Senate to ratification, the Treaty on Open Skies. I believe that the Treaty on Open Skies is in the best interest of the United States. By engaging all participating States actively in cooperative observation, the Treaty on Open Skies will strengthen international stability. The Treaty also…

The Age of Anxiety Redux


In 1948 the poet, W.H. Auden, published a long poem he titled, The Age of Anxiety, in which four characters express their anxiety about their place in a world that has been destroyed by two world wars and was threatened by a third, and nuclear, world war. He described the faces in the bars, the people trying to cling to average days that no longer existed, all hoping that the lights wouldn’t go out, that the music…

Operation Barbarossa II: Setting The Stage For War


I have written several times about the continuing NATO preparations for an attack on Russia, a second Operation Barbarossa, the code name for the Nazi invasion of the USSR in 1941. Circumstances prompt me to write about it again, for as of the last week in January the Americans and their gang of lieutenant nations in NATO have commenced…

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