Christof Lehmann

G-4 – An Asian and European Peace with Enemy States?


The UN Charter still designates Italy, Germany and Japan as enemy states to the United Nations. In legal terms this means that any U.N. Member State can launch a “preemptive” military aggression against these nations without a declaration of war. Seldom…

FIFA, Blatter and Weaponized Sport


Incumbent FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter was re-elected to a fifth term in office by the 65th FIFA Congress in Zürich. Shortly before the Congress, Swiss police units cooperating with the United States’ FBI launched a series of arrests of FIFA officials on…

The half-baked Farce of International Law

The social constructionist battle that is being waged by Heads of State, top-diplomats, columnists, analysts and media about Ukraine, Crimea,…

Rumsfeldt’s Missing Trillions, Stavridis and Unconventional War

September 10, 2001. U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeldt stated that 2.3 trillion dollar from the Pentagon's annual budget could…

Copenhagen shootings: Who benefits?

February 14 2015. A “lone gunman” allegedly attacked the cultural center Krudttønden and the community house of a Synagogue in…

Is Egypt being targeted for Arab Spring Version 2.0

Egypt and Russia are actively attempting to broker a peaceful solution to the war on Syria. Egypt has faced armed…

Fatah: Recognition of Palestine requires more than lip service

The spokesman for the Palestinian Al-Fatah movement and member of Fatah's Revolutionary Council, Dr. Jamal Nazzal, arrived on his first…

Yatsenyuk’s Ukrainian His-Story and Merkel’s Sound of Silence

During an appearance on the German State-owned TV channel ARD on January 8, 2015, Ukrainian PM Arseny Yatsenyuk interpreted the…

Is NATO aiming at a No Fly Zone for Russia over the Baltic?

On Friday, December 12, a Russian military jet has allegedly been involved in a near-mid-air- collision with a civilian airliner…

Law, not Bombs and Band-Aid – Dr. Mads Gilbert on Palestine

Dr. Mads Gilbert has been providing volunteer medical services for Palestinians for the better part of three decades. In 2014…

Dalai Lama – Buddhist King-Monk Wants Pilgrimage to Tibet

Tensyn Gyatso a.k.a the 14th Dalai Lama announced that he was negotiating with Chinese officials to discuss a pilgrimage to…

Abbott’s Anti-Putin, Anti-China Policy puts Australia on Crash Course

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott's promise to shirt front Putin over MAS MH17 turned out to be a bluff, and…

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