Catherine Shakdam

Behind the Political Smokescreen — What is the Real Yemeni Agenda?

Hailed a success and a model by US President Barack Obama in September 2014, Yemen, this poorest and most populous…

Inner-fighting and Conflicting Agendas are Eroding Al Saud’s Empire

If Saudi Arabia has seen several kings fall and rise throughout the decades, it is probably King Abdullah ibn Saud’s…

America’s war in Afghanistan is over … or is it?

The United States would have you know that it's war in Afghanistan has finally come to a successful end ……

The Taliban is on the move – Kabul stands in the line of fire

According to troubling reports coming from Afghanistan, the Taliban - an Islamic fundamentalist political movement which rose in reaction to…

The last terror frontier – Why Daash is eyeing up Yemen

With much of the world’s attention focused on Daash’s advances in the greater Levant – aka the Islamic State –…

Saudi’s Invisible War Against Shia Muslims in the Middle East

If it is fair to say that there is no lost love in between Saudi Arabia and Shia Islam, or…

The Disintegration of the Saudi Empire and the new Iranian axis

If many have mocked Ali Reza Zakani’s comments on Saudi Arabia’s imminent fall and what he described as the “disintegration…

Has Amnesty International fallen victim to ISIS narrative?

A plague onto the Middle East, a cancer of the mind and an evil which seems to know no bound,…

The Black Flag Army – How IS Fits in Islam’s Foretold Great War

If IS - the Islamic State – has monopolized most of the world’s attention as the group has quite literally…

Palestine – the Engineered Disappearance of a Nation

While Israeli officials have always been keen to front a desire to achieve regional peace in the Levant by working…

Kicking the Muslim Brotherhood to the curb – the New Middle Eastern Order

If the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood from Qatar has gone mostly unnoticed amid reports that a coalition of the…

The Houthis claim victory against Al Islah – Yemen’s old regime falls to dust

Following decades of oppression and let’s face it against all odds, the Houthis of Yemen have managed what revolutionaries could…

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