Catherine Shakdam

Al Quds Day – A global movement for unity and solidarity


A worldwide event dedicated to the rights and freedom of the Palestinians, Al Quds International Day was founded by late Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 to unify nations, and communities in their innate rejection of tyranny. Beyond…

Those Political Truths We Fear to Face – Yemen and the Neo-imperialists


It is not often that world events offer us a true window into the covert world of global politics – by global I mean this secret inner political sanctum, us, common mortals, are never ever allowed to look upon, never…

Is Saudi Arabia About to Witness a Soft Coup D’etat?


If Saudi Arabia still appears an island of political stability amid raging waters – at least to the naked eye, the kingdom has been plagued by great many turmoil; not least of all Yemen’s war, and the ever growing ambition of…

Battle for Aleppo – the End of Erdogan’s Ottoman Dream in Syria


Forget Damascus and forget President Bashar al-Assad’s seat of power – the real battle for Syria is being played out in the northern city of Aleppo, where Turkey dared dream it would revive its empire of old. Ankara here, is in for a rude…

The Battle of Aleppo and Western Humanitarianism – Playing at a Corporate Media Near You


Western capitals are in quite a pickle those days … years of careful planning and political manoeuvring stand now to be laid waste by Damascus and its army’s blind determination to see gone Daesh militants. Should you…

The Kurds, the Turkmen and the Great Middle Eastern unravelling


As Iraq struggles against Daesh, ethno-sectarian tensions in northern Iraq threatens to throw off the country’s tentative national alliance against radicalism. Eaten away by religious bias, and deep-seated ethnic rancour Iraq stands now to lose…

The Role Children Play in Yemen’s Ongoing Crisis


While there is no love lost in between Saudi Arabia and Yemen – not since the kingdom decided to play target practice with the impoverished nation, in the name of geopolitical scoring and a burning ambition to seize control over…

Saudi Arabia’s Plan for the MENA –Where is the Place to Stop?

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Saudi Arabia King Salman visited Egypt this weekend – a move most media hailed as a sign of rapprochement in between the two powers, a positive development which will undoubtedly allow for better cooperation, and thus security in…

Lebanon: Forget the Arab Spring – Here Comes the Real Arab Uprising!


Revolution’s fire is burning bright in the Levant and its winds are infectious. From Lebanon to Beirut and beyond, Manama, the Middle East is once more holding its breath before the defiance of its youth. This time around…

The Axis of Resistance – How Iran is Leading the Fight?


While many world nations remain under the impression that Washington and its regional allies in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia in the lead, are indeed conducting just wars in the region, fighting and opposing the rise of Wahhabi radicalism, it is really East they…

The Battle for Aden or the radicalization of Southern Arabia


If from the onset of the war on Yemen back in March 25, Saudi Arabia unilaterally proclaimed its desire to “liberate” the country from under the influence of the Houthis to restore, Yemen’s political legitimacy in the person of once-resigned-twice-runaway…

Wahhabism, Al Saud and ISIS – the Unholy Trinity


Although ISIS has certainly been sold as an Islamic movement, everything it professes and teaches stands against Islam and its teachings. This divide actually goes beyond Islam’s great schism – which schism it needs to be…

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