Catherine Shakdam

The Rise of the Radicals – The Narrative of Terror Hides Behind its Ideologues


The 2016 BBC documentary on Deobandis in the UK exposed what many of us knew all along. That the Muslim communities in the United Kingdom are not a monolithic and that there are…

Why Repress When One Can Kill on Sight? – Saudi Arabia’s Campaign in Qatif


The mainstream media is finally catching on to Saudi Arabia’s mad race for absolute ownership of its nationals by way of a grand religious cleanse. For those who breath under the skies…

America’s War in Afghanistan Reveals Terror’s Hands


Less than a week after US President Donald Trump sanctioned a brutal airstrike against alleged Daesh militants (ISISDahJTkfw positions in Afghanistan, the Taliban carried out an attack against the Afghan Security Forces, putting the argument…

Yemen – the New Graveyard Where Empires Come to Die


“Some have called Afghanistan ‘the graveyard of empires,’ and it probably is the graveyard of empires.” James G. Stavridis. Indeed, many great empires over the centuries came to crash against the stubborn will of Afghanistan, only…

Trump’s America Goes to War to Salvage the Empire


World beware Trump’s America is on the prowl and it means business … For all his former promises of non-military intervention in the Middle East and his scathing criticism of former US President Barack Obama’s propensity for war…

The New Thaw: Donald Trump and the Iranian Resistance Block


Over four decades into the Islamic Revolution, it appears that Iran and its political nemesis, the United States of America are nowhere near a détente, especially now that a tempestuous…

Afghanistan: Breaking Away From The Age of Instability


It is often that I go back to a quote from Martin Jacques, the British academic on Western interventionism and Afghanistan. He said: “Never underestimate the ability of political leaders to misread history on a monumental scale…

Yemen Resistance Shatters Saudi Arabia Territorial Integrity


If Saudi Arabia continues to exude control and political confidence from behind the billions of dollars its large coffers have offered its elite by way of immunity, the kingdom never planned for Yemen Resistance to rise a colossus…

The March for Riyadh – Yemen’s War Takes on the Colour of Revolution


Yemen’s war has taken an unprecedented turn … Let me rephrase my statement: Yemen’s war took a turn Saudi Arabia and its many great Western allies never anticipated, let alone…

Terror – Riyadh’s Answer To Its Military Fiasco in Yemen


If Yemen remains synonymous with unrest and violence thanks to the military deluge Saudi Arabia has insisted on drowning the impoverished nation under since late March 2015, Terror had yet to claim its fill of blood. Terror…

Saudi Arabia Cries Foul Play in Yemen


As Yemen International Conference in the Support of Yemen was in full swing in the British capital, London, Yemenis came in their hundreds of thousands to pledge their support to the Resistance movement this August 20, 2016 – yet…

Unearthing Turkey’s political fault-lines – Failed coup or warning


As I write these lines much of the world media community is still attempting to work its way through the maze of information, misinformation and potential geopolitical repercussions…

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