Caleb Maupin

Greenspan Waves His Fist After Wall Street Shakes


As Americans brace for an economic downturn, adherents of free market ideology are busily assuring everyone that their ideas must be not be questioned. Just two days after the Stock Market dropped on October 10th, the front page of the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Review featured…

Pope Francis & Beijing: The Geopolitics of the Vatican


The Roman Catholic Church and the Peoples Republic of China are set to sign an agreement, which would formally end the hostilities between these two entities. The Chinese government will formally acknowledge the Pope as the leader of the Catholic Church in China. In exchange, the Pope…

Petro-Socialism in Scotland? Oil, Gas and Independence


As the Brexit process moves forward, calls for a second Scottish Independence Referendum are picking up steam. The SNP is calling for a second referendum, paving the way for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom, and remain in the EU. Imagine the people of a country, faced with…

Keeping The World Poor: The Monopolistic Agenda Behind “Regime Change” Chaos


Development and poverty eradication may be in the overall interest of the human race, but certain powerful forces see it as a threat to their position as hegemonic rulers of the global economy. Prior to 2011, Syria was a prosperous Middle Eastern country. The Baathist government…

Fear of Russia and the Rise of “Left-Birchers”


In being defined merely by its opponents and fixating on a fear of Russia, a large chunk of the far-left has usurped the role held by the far-right during the Cold War. In 1963, folk singer Bob Dylan, whose left-leaning lyrics seemed to define the liberal politics of the era, composed…

Dangerous Anti-China Cult Panders to Trump Supporters


President Trump increasingly surrounds himself with anti-China fanatics, but in reality, his supporters may  find the truth about the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping to be quite inspiring. When Donald Trump addressed his supporters in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, among those…

CNN Jokes About Obvious Truth: US Media Works With Intelligence Community


As CNN reporter, Gary Tuchman, mocked supporters of Donald Trump who displayed signs supporting the internet “Q-Anon” movement, he blatantly misrepresented a well-established fact. Tuchman taunted one Trump supporter who said…

11 Million Reasons for Wall Street & London to Hate Russia


Why does the US media have an anti-Russian fixation? It’s not what the American people want to hear. 71% of the Ronald Reagan-loving, military-obsessed Republican Party approve of Trump meeting with Putin. On the other side, top liberal CNN commentator and former President Obama’s…

Efforts Against ‘Made in China 2025′ Are Rooted in Pessimism

6778 neo collage 1

One definition of the word ‘pessimism’ is “a lack of hope or confidence in the future.” Pessimism is certainly pervasive in western politics in the present epoch. The far-left, no longer drawing from Marxism and historical materialism, but rooted in New Left mysticism…

The Geopolitics of Impeachment: Recalling Nixon in the Trump-era


Throughout Trump’s presidency, the memory of Nixon has been invoked by both opponents and supporters of “The Donald.” Richard Nixon stands out as the only President in U.S. history to have resigned, and not completed his term in office. During Trump’s…

Memory-Sticks & Quotas: The Politics of Korean Steel


Import quotas have long been out of fashion among U.S. leaders in the age of free trade and globalization. However, on April 30th, the White House announced that the United States has now revived the practice, with South Korea being the first country subject to this harsh economic…

Gender Confusion in the American Deep State


In recent airstrikes against the Syrian government ,the military brass urged the White House to exercise restraint. Meanwhile, various liberal academics who are committed to “global understanding” allege that the President is “soft on the Russians” and not confrontational enough. What is happening…

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