Caleb Maupin

The ISIS Crisis and the Fall of Maliki

Since the overthrow of the Baathist government in 2003, by means of a direct US military invasion, the primary goal…

Russia Is Pushing Back

The concept of “supply and demand” is a basic in economics. The rarer a commodity or resource is, the more…

The ‘Caesar’ Testimony and US Hypocrisy in Syria

A hearing before US Congress House Committee on Foreign Affairs on July 31st included testimony from a photographer. The photographer,…

US vs. Germany: The “Gentleman’s Agreement” Is Crumbling

Germany and the United States, two western imperialist countries, are moving further and further away from each other. German Chancellor…

Malaysian Aircraft Incident: Every US War Starts With A Lie

The US news media is buzzing about the Malayasian airline which was downed from the sky in Ukraine. Some questions…

The Evolution of US War Propaganda

In the 1984, millions of people in movie audiences in the US were subjected to a right-wing action movie entitled…

Rising Hatred for Israeli Crimes: Why John Kerry Spoke of an “Apartheid State”

A recently leaked audio recording of US secretary of state John Kerry reveals him saying that “Israel could become an…

Terrorism in China: Is the US involved, this time?

The Chinese province of Xinjiang has recently become the site of an episode of violent terrorism. A suicide bombing has…

ISIS and Wall Street’s Plan for Sectarian War

In Syria, a campaign of violent terrorism has been going on since 2011. Over 150,000 people are estimated to have…

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