Caleb Maupin

The Global Crisis of Exports: Oil, Steel, and Guns

The revolutionary government of Venezuela is facing great challenges. In 1999, the Bolivarian government began the process of transforming the…

Crimea Deceptions Continue, One Year Later

Crimea is a strategically vital region that has been associated with Russia for centuries. Those who live in Crimea mainly…

Unmasking Israel: Netanyahu Creates An Opening for Resistance

Barack Obama is not an anti-Zionist, or opponent of Israel. Under Obama, Israel has been able to depend on the…

“Is the UN Funding Terrorism?” The Truth About Zaatari Refugee Camp

700,000 Syrians reside at Zaatari refugee camp within the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. These are Syrians who…

Holocaust Revisionism and the Campaign Against Russia

“The main reason for that was not because of warfare or systematic killing, it’s because …diseases, …did not have any…

Syria: A Crime Against Humanity is Being Committed

No one would claim that, prior to 2011, Syria was a magical paradise. Like most countries in the world, there…

Who’s Afraid of Xi Jinping? And Why?

What the Wall Street Journal has been hinting at for months, in its coverage of the Chinese Communist Party’s anti-corruption…

Human Rights and Democracy: Venezuela vs. USA

The US Congress has announced new economic sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The new law contains a list…

US: Historical Mythology in the Service of Fascism

The United States government, at this moment, is aligned with many fascists and neo-Nazis.  In Ukraine, a swastika-wearing gang called…

The Global Context of the Ferguson Uprising

On August 9th, unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown was killed by Police Officer Darren Wilson. This is not an uncommon…

Russia and China: What is Happening Beneath the Propaganda Curtain?

As Russia announces a new gas deal with China, the voices in the US and European media are anything but…

Stewart, Colbert, and The Upcoming Nazi Terrorist Conference in New York City

Volydymyr Parasiuk is no peace-loving freedom fighter. He is a 26-year-old armed fascist thug, who has commanded a battalion of…

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