Brian Berletic

Biden’s First Foreign Policy Speech Vows Forever Wars


US foreign policy has clearly continued in the same direction, without missing a beat. Unlike in previous transitions in the White House, this time US President Joe Biden has not even really tried to promise even the faintest hope that it wouldn’t. There were a few glimpses of remote hope – particularly regarding the possibility the US wouldn’t abandon its last arms…

The Significance of China Surpassing US as EU’s Top Trade Partner


Over the course of last year, China surpassed the United States as the European Union’s top trade partner. It was significant news and noted as such across Chinese media. But in the West, this news was somewhat muted. One of the few articles featuring this news comes from Politico titled, “China topples US as EU’s top trade partner over…

The Greater Danger of Israeli Provocations in Syria


Continued airstrikes carried out by Israeli warplanes in Syria presents – at face value – an obvious and persistent threat to Syria. In a wider context, the threat runs much deeper and extends to Syria’s allies in Tehran. Israel has been an eager participant in the US-led proxy war on Syria beginning in 2011. It has provided safe-haven and support for Western-backed militants…

China Ousts the BBC Based on UK’s Own Media Standards


In a move that was entirely predictable after the UK’s Office of Communications (OfcomDahJTkfw banned China’s CGTN from operating in the UK, China has reciprocated by banning BBC World News from broadcasting in China. The BBC in its own article titled, “China bans BBC World News from broadcasting,” would claim: China has banned BBC World…

UK Bans China’s CGTN for Being Too Much Like the BBC


The British Office of Communications (OfcomDahJTkfw has pulled the license for China Global Television Network (CGTNDahJTkfw effectively terminating its ability to operate in the UK. A Bloomberg article titled, “UK Ends Chinese TV License, Stoking Tensions With Beijing,” would claim: CGTN had asked for its license to be transferred to an entity called China Global…

Thai Protests Aimed at Thai-Chinese Relations


Thailand has for months faced anti-government protests. While portrayed by the Western media as organic, self-organized, and “pro-democratic,” US government-funding and the protest leaders themselves openly aligning with US-funded opposition groups in Hong Kong and Taiwan have revealed the ongoing unrest as aimed at China. The US seeks to complicate…

US Targets China over Tibet


The US Congress has recently passed the so-called Tibetan Policy and Support Act (TPSADahJTkfw – slipped into a COVID-19 relief package and a 1.4 trillion dollar government spending bill, US State Department-funded Voice of America reported in their article, “US Congress Passes Landmark Bill in Support of Tibet.” The article would claim: The US Congress on Monday passed a bill that is expected…

What Snowden’s Exile Says About America


Edward Snowden’s 2013 leak of US National Security Agency (NSADahJTkfw information helped the world see more clearly what the US – in its current manifestation – really is. Its extensive, abusive surveillance network targeted friends and foes alike around the globe but also pointed inward at America’s own population. It provided the clearest picture to date of the methods…

Russia’s Hypersonic ‘Zircon’ Missile Takes Flight


Russian state media reported a successful test flight of its new hypersonic missile, the Zircon. Flying at Mach 8 (8 times the speed of sound or around 10,000 kphDahJTkfw, the missile poses a new and credible threat to the air defense systems of potential aggressors. Fired from vertical launch tubes on a Russian warship, the missile is capable of striking both targets at sea…

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